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What if it was all yours...all of it?!

Hi, I'm Mimi. Your energetic coach who inspires you to take massive action towards your dreams!

I’m known to help ignite that spark to help you create the business and life of your dreams.

What began as a meetup series in downtown Toronto, turned into an international brand helping people from all around the world to create their Happy Mondays.

My obsession? Energize your wildest dreams, train you in powerful mindset techniques, help you tap into your best energy and become a Sought After online Coach.

You’re here for a reason. Today precisely you decided to dare to dream of a happier and more fulfilled life. And I don’t blame you! Trust me, I had that feeling for the longest time.


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It’s my life's mission...

to help you reconnect with your authentic self, start shining and build your own coaching business so that you can be Happy on Mondays. I’m here to help you recenter on your own amazing light, let go of the labels you’ve put on yourself so that you can serve the world in a powerful way and get paid to be your true self. I’m here to show you that the key to happiness is within you and that by stepping into your power, you’ll impact the world in the most beautiful way.

It’s your time to shine, to create your own reality and get the freedom you deserve. Let this light inside of you out so you can serve the world powerfully. It’s time to be YOU. The whole YOU. The unique YOU. The true YOU. All of it.

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The Happy on Mondays Podcast

Weekly chats where you'll learn tools & strategies to help you detox from the corporate Kool-Aid and create a coaching business that will get you excited again on Mondays!

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I’m Ready to be Happy on Mondays

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