Who are the Forces of Nature?

Trying to define the type of humans we are with a structured definition would be a mistake.
We never subscribed to traditional society’s standards.
We always did things differently. We live unconventional lives. And sometimes it creates inner conflict within ourselves.
Wouldn’t it be simpler to do things according to the rules!?
But we just can’t do that.
It’s stronger than us.

We are high achievers with more energy than the average.
Our dreams are larger than life.
We are the black sheep in our circles.
We are multi-passionate, when we’re into something, we go all-in.
We live life intensively.
We take risks.
We bet on ourselves, despite not having proofs that it will workout.
We have this inner knowing.
We believe in ourselves.
We take action.

We skip steps.
Our progression doesn’t follow the traditional path. The leaps we take are wild at times. It’s exhilarating.
We ask a lot from ourselves and people around us.
We often feel misunderstood, it isn’t always easy.
Which explains why we are lone wolves at times and prefer to be alone.
Or else society’s pace makes us want to slow down and forget our own magic

People love to be around us, they calibrate to our energy.
That can sometimes become tiring.
We have families, friends, teams.
And we hold the energy high, we stay positive, we show them the way.

It’s one of our biggest strength but we sometimes forget it!

I’m here to remind you of your power. And help you reconnect with what makes you truly unstoppable.


You are meant to be the leader of your movement.
You have a life mission that’s bigger than yourself.
You aren’t meant to follow the rules, you’re meant to dictate them.

Ultimately, the real definition of a Force of Nature isn’t through words.
It is felt.
And I know you are feeling it too.
That inner fire inside of you.
This power, larger than life, that fuels us to expand and grow no matter what’s on our path.
This energy we have. Our zest for life.

We are true Forces of Nature.