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There are pivotal moments in our life when things need to shift.

Here's where it all started for me...

In 2017, I found myself very "unhappy" on Mondays. I would cry on my way to work.
I had lost my sense of purpose and zest for my career.
I was living for the weekends
I couldn't go on like this.
Something needed to shift.

I hired my first coach who became an instrumental part of my success.

I left my corporate job, changed industries completely to work in a tech startup, lived in airbnbs for a year, and started my side hustle which rapidly evolved into a full-time business.

I experienced incredible years of growth both professionally and personally.
I truly thought I had "made it"...

Until I started facing similar confusing feelings in 2021.


I now had a thriving business, a loving husband, a brand new house, a luxury car...
I was checking all the boxes.
Yet it felt empty.

Wow... what a confusing time.

After going on what was supposed to be a 2-week trip, I decided to move to Costa Rica by myself with only a suitcase, get a divorce, become a pescatarian and practice the discipline of working out.

And I'm now living a life I used to see only in movies. I literally have to pinch myself at times.

To say I shifted my whole life around would be an understatement.

I decided to live in integrity with my own movement, be my own experiment and have the courage to make bold changes when I felt out of alignment with my highest potential.

After going through a similar pivotal cycle again, I reversed engineered the steps I took to make those decisions and built a systemic & sustainable approach to navigating life pivots.

I realized that as high achievers, we go through growth cycles and it is possible to optimize how we navigate those in order to get to even higher levels of success.

Over the past 5 years I have coached 100s of high achievers who believe they get to have it all and recognize that they are getting in their own way. These women are extremely driven, highly successful people. They don’t need coaching, they desire coaching.

They know the power of investing in themselves, upgrading their level of personal leadership and getting someone in their corner holding them accountable to higher standards while believing in their vision.


Happy on Mondays



Hybrid Mastermind & 1-on-1 Coaching Experience


If you look at your life today and project yourself 15 years from now, do you like what you see?

How does that make you feel?
When I realized how scary that thought was, I knew it was time to make some
serious changes.
Despite having literally achieved my vision board, checked all the boxes in theory,
it all felt so empty.
I knew I was ready to find my authentic path of leadership and create my own
masterpiece of a career.

This is an invitation to become part of my H.O.M.E. Coaching Experience
Be part of a mastermind of leaders wholeheartedly pursuing their highest

Whether you are

An “established business owner”

You’ve been in business full-time for 1-5 years already (or more). You’ve been hustling and using many strategies to grow your business. You fell out of love of your business, lost your way, and feels like there’s a disconnect somewhere that you can’t seem to crack. You want to find an authentic way to run your business, reconnect with your inner fire, your motivation and drive and get higher results than ever in your business from an aligned place.


A “Successful Corporate Woman”

Who is ready for your next move in your career, you know you’re meant for more impact. You want to find your edge within
your industry so you can stand out and grow your thought leadership. You’re wondering what is it you’re truly meant to be doing next? You’re facing different options, but you have all the fears, the stakes are high, you built a lot and you don’t want to lose your momentum. You’re facing so much uncertainty, and know you must first get out of your own way and unlock a level of leadership within yourself.

My programs are highly inspired by my life mission to help humans create their

Happy on Mondays life.

I believe the world would be a better place if we were fulfilled by our work, in the
best shape of our life emotionally and physically and living authentically no matter
Living in integrity with this movement means having the courage to make bold
changes when we’re out of alignment with our highest potential and taking full
responsibility for our life.
Not everyone will subscribe to this, but I know you will

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I’ve been my own experiment over the last 5 years, pursuing wholeheartedly my most authentic life, while building a movement of humans who are on that same path.

From leaving my corporate job, living in airbnbs for a year, building my business full-time, getting divorced, moving countries by myself with only a suitcase, becoming a pescatarian, practicing the discipline of working out…

I’m all in.
No matter what.

I believe you’re here for a reason, you’re called to live an unconventional life too.

We’re not just here to collect successes (or chase carrots), we’re here to have an impact, and build a movement.
There’s a fire in our belly.

A life mission.
Our energy vibrates at another frequency.

We are a force of nature.

Through Authenticity & commitment to our growth, we’re building our legacy. With more heart, more purpose, and more impact.

My coaching experience isn’t for everyone. It is for leaders in their fields/high achievers with big responsibilities, who show up for themselves and are highly driven.
✔ You desire to step up your game in all areas and find your vibrant energy back for all of your goals.
✔ You have high standards for your lives and won’t settle.
✔ You usually go all-in in everything you do, you just seem to have lost your way temporarily.
✔ You want to show up and live your most authentic & exhilarating life.
✔ You value health, connections, friendships, pleasure, fun, wealth, and success.
✔ You want it all.
✔ You desire to step into your power & be seen.

Trust me, you haven’t seen an inch of what’s possible for you.
Your fairytale life is available and waiting for you.

I channeled the most epic journey for us to experience together.

Your ultimate ticket to finding your way back H.O.M.E. and living your most authentic life.
We’re going on an adventure of a lifetime where you’ll rediscover who you’re truly meant to be and attract the abundance you’ve always wanted.
★ A powerful curriculum going through the wheel of growth
★ 6-month Support
★ Weekly mastermind sessions
★ Group Voxer with thought leaders just like you
★ 1-on-1 monthly call

I will help you see your own magic & align (or re-align) with your authentic self through your unique gifts and desires. I will call you out on your BS if I see you settling for anything less than what you truly desire.

I have this ability to see through people, so trust me I feel your energy and I will help you elevate your standards.

Ultimately, I’m known to help you in those moments where after making a commitment, you need to recommit to your mission and have someone who’s helping you see the bigger picture & keep going no matter what.

Download full curriculum here

Ok, your next step is this:

Please fill out this application form with the best of your capacity. Once completed, you’ll be redirected to my calendar where you’ll be invited to a conversation with me where we can go through the details and see if we are a good fit.

The minimum investment for my mastermind is $7000 usd. There is a payment plan available on a monthly basis. Please do not apply if you are not able to meet this investment.

If aliveness & impact if your jam & you value authenticity, this is for you.

Let’s co-create your masterpiece of life together.

Let’s go.

Download full curriculum here