Learn the Coaching Tools that helped me bring $200,000 revenue in my first year in business

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This training will help you go from wondering if your coaching is actually helpful, to transforming your clients life and becoming a multiple 6-figure business owner.

This is for Career Coaches, Purpose Coaches, Life & Success Coaches that are serious about helping people tap into their full potential.

 You want that Happy on Mondays life for yourself AND for your clients, don't you!?

Hello beautiful human 👋🏻

I get it, you have natural coaching skills mixed with a solid corporate experience and a passion for people, you got this right!?

Yet, you do feel like getting the proper coaching training would help you feel truly confident in your skills.

Time to learn to bring your coaching skills to the next level. I'll teach you powerful coaching tools to help your clients on a subconscious level.


If you're serious about making coaching your full-time business and you're committed in mastering your craft, then you're going to want to tune in and grab notes while you learn this life-changing knowledge.

Lead by Mimi Boyer, Founder of Happy on Mondays, Master Life & Success Coach and NLP Trainer.

I supported Hundreds of new coaches build their business from scratch after going from unfulfilled corporate employee to full-time coach and hitting 200K in my first year in business. And I'm freaking excited to help YOU do the same!

Here's what you'll learn in this training:

DAY 1 - Using NLP to get out of your own way

Okay, it's time to get #real with what is actually getting in the way of your success. You'll learn the language of the mind, AKA NLP, to understand how your perception of reality is influencing your results. You'll be able to notice your clients underlying beliefs and fears that are holding them back too and support them in changing their beliefs. 

DAY 2 - Getting Crystal Clear with what you Want and Magnetize it in Record Time

Most people aren't clear on what they actually want which ends up leading them on a journey of constant dissatisfaction. It's time to define your Happy on Mondays life, claim it and set achievable outcomes for yourself and your clients. You'll learn how to transform your life with Success Coaching.

DAY 3 - Collapsing time and manifesting your HOM life in record time.

What if this life was already yours!? Learn how to leverage your subconscious mind to make it work for you instead of against you. Experience the power of T.I.M.E. Techniques to work with the power of your subconscious to collapse time & reach your goals in record time.

DAY 4 - Stepping into your Next Level Self

Learn the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Learn to speak directly to the subconscious mind, to bypass the conscious and allow deep change at the identity level to happen. Learn to step into your Next Level Self with ease and flow and help your clients do the same.

DAY 5 - Tapping into the most Vibrant Version of Yourself

Learn to shift your energy by moving energy in your body to release stress, anxiety, moody energy and replace it with confidence, happiness and joy. Learn why energy can help you attract anything you want into your life. This will help you support your clients in having tools to deal with unwanted negative emotions at any given time. 


It's time to learn tools to truly have the impact you've been craving for with your clients!

Hey! I'm Mimi 👋🏻, a Mindset & Business Coach helping new coaches go all-in & replace their full-time income. 

After helping dozens of clients achieve results like:

☀️ In under 2 months, a client Quit his job and jumped full-time in his brand new coaching business, replacing his 6-figure corporate income. 

☀️ Going from 0 paying clients to feeling confident charging $2,000 and signing 4 clients in less than 2 months.

☀️ Triple their group coaching prices and sell out on their launch.

I'm here to help you live out of your purpose so that you can be Happy on Mondays. And this begins with this Income Tracker to Plan your Transition full-time.


It's time to learn tools to truly have the impact you've been craving for with your clients!