My name is Mimi Boyer

I am a


I am a


I'm Mimi


After graduating my masters in marketing and 6 years climbing the corporate ladder in a sales career in companies like Coca-Cola, Ferrero, and l'Oréal, I experienced my very first awakening.

I was unhappy on Mondays and there was no chance I would let that be my reality. I quit my job, left my apartment, and left on a soul-searching journey for a year living in Airbnbs.

I started with a role in a tech startup as a Head of People and Culture, then started a side hustle of motivational events, and eventually found my calling in life coaching 5 years ago.

Most Recently

I went through my second biggest awakening when I landed in Costa Rica in June 2021 for what I thought would be a 2-week girls trip. Turns out I’m still in Costa Rica, I never came back home and decided to move countries.

I went through a divorce, a move into a new country by myself, and a pivot in my business all in the same year.

I have a passion for life and I’m not about to stop going all-in with my fullest potential.

For so long I was trying to fit in when all along I was meant to dictate the rules of a whole new paradigm.

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My field of study is focused on awakenings and life transitions as well as human potential. I am fascinated by human beings like us, which I call Forces of Nature, who have that life force energy inside of them and are going after their dreams no matter what.

I focus my work on helping Forces of Nature thrive through understanding who they are, helping them find alignment and navigate transformation through reconnecting with their inner power