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If you look at your life today and project yourself 15 years from now, do you like what you see?

How does that make you feel?

When I realized how scary that thought was, I knew it was time to make some serious changes.

Despite having literally achieved my vision board, and checked all the boxes, in theory, it all felt so empty.

I knew I was ready to find my authentic path and create my own masterpiece of a Life.

This is an invitation to trust the awakening you had and say yes to yourself

Let yourself be guided in this high-level coaching experience by someone who’s been where you’re at.

Navigating major life pivots with ease requires you to be able to open up about your feelings to someone who’s from the outside and be held to your highest potential.

I know what it’s like when stakes are high, you’ve built so much success and now you’re rethinking everything you always thought was certain in your life.

Whether you are:

  • Thinking of getting a divorce
  • Thinking of selling your company and reinventing your career
  • Moving countries and changing your life completely
  • Navigating some type of awakening where your none of the things in your life make sense anymore
  • Desiring more out of all areas of your life
  • Feeling like the chapter you’ve been on is ending, but not quite sure how the next one will unfold

I get it…

My programs are highly inspired by my study of other Forces of Nature

Just like us, navigating life pivots, as well as my willingness to be my own experiment in following my inner fire.

I believe the world would be a better place if we were truly alive, fulfilled by our work, in the best shape of our lives emotionally and physically, and living authentically no matter what.

Living in integrity with this movement means having the courage to make bold changes when we’re out of alignment with our highest potential and taking full responsibility for our life.

It means taking leaps that don’t always align with society’s standards.

Not everyone will subscribe to this, but I know you will.

I’ve been my own experiment over the last 5 years, pursuing wholeheartedly my most authentic life, while building a movement of humans who are on that same path.

From leaving my corporate job, living in airbnbs for a year, building my business full-time, getting divorced, moving countries by myself with only a suitcase, becoming a pescatarian, practicing the discipline of working out…

I’m all in.
No matter what.

I believe you’re here for a reason, you’re called to live an unconventional life too.

We’re not just here to collect successes (or chase carrots), we’re here to have an impact, build a movement.

There’s a fire in our belly.

A life mission.
Our energy vibrates at another frequency.

We are a force of nature.

Through Authenticity & commitment to our growth, we’re building our legacy. With more heart, more purpose, and more impact.

My coaching experience isn’t for everyone. It is for leaders in their fields/high achievers with big responsibilities, who show up for themselves and are highly driven.
✔ You desire to step up your game in all areas and find your vibrant energy back for all of your goals.
✔ You have high standards for your lives and won’t settle.
✔ You usually go all-in in everything you do, you just seem to have lost your way temporarily.
✔ You want to show up and live your most authentic & exhilarating life.
✔ You value health, connections, friendships, pleasure, fun, wealth, and success.
✔ You want it all.
✔ You desire to step into your power & be seen.

Trust me, you haven’t seen an inch of what’s possible for you.
Your fairytale life is available and waiting for you.

I channeled the most epic journey for us to experience together.

Your ultimate ticket to finding your way back H.O.M.E. and living your most authentic life.
We’re going on an adventure of a lifetime where you’ll rediscover who you’re truly meant to be and attract the abundance you’ve always wanted.
★ A powerful curriculum going through the wheel of growth
★ 3 or 6-month Support option
★ Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions
★ Access to my personal Whatsapp where we stay connected throughout the entire experience

I will help you see your own magic & align (or re-align) with your authentic self through your unique gifts and desires.

I will call you out on your BS if I see you settling for anything less than what you truly desire.

I have this ability to see through people, so trust me I feel your energy and I will help you elevate your standards.

Ultimately, I’m known to help you in those moments where after making a commitment, you need to recommit to your mission and have someone who’s helping you see the bigger picture & keep going no matter what.



Your gateway to going from feeling stuck in a hamster wheel, unsure about your next steps, to feeling alive and aligned again in your life. After working with hundreds of Forces of Nature like you going through pivotal moments in their lives, as well as being my own experiment, I have developed a proven systematic approach to navigating life pivots. In this curriculum, I will unpack what the 4 phases are all about.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together: Introducing the curriculum of the Wheel of Growth: 4 phases to help you step into your full potential


Rebirth is a phase where you are invited to challenge everything you thought was a “done deal” in your life. This is the phase where you rebel against all the rules you’ve been following that either comes from generations before you, or simply society’s standards you’ve been following blindly that clearly don’t serve you anymore. This is the phase where you allow yourself to rebirth into who you’re truly meant to be and dream bigger, outside of your current container.

Module 1 - Identifying & Releasing from the negative emotions keeping you stuck
Module 2 - Allowing yourself to dream big-ger & defining your big vision
Module 3 - Letting go of what you built, to make space for the new beginnings
Module 4 - Surrendering to the changes & embracing them with confidence
Module 5 - Giving yourself the permission to unleash fully into the world as a leader
of your industry
Module 6 - Becoming a master communicator through navigating pivots, conflicts
and change management
Module 7 - Making the bold moves & owning them fully with elegance and ease


Shine is a phase where you align the beliefs, characteristics and habits you hold as the leader version of you you are becoming. Step into your new identity with mindset tools and practices to set up the foundation of your new self. A complete glow up from the inside out.

Module 0 - A few key principles of success any leader must embody
Module 1 - Reconnecting with your true inner fire to unleash it
Module 2 - Recoding your mind for success to match your new leader identity
Module 3 - Becoming clear and unapologetic about your values & releasing fully from your old self
Module 4 - Ditching those limiting beliefs and raising your worth to match what you truly deserve
Module 5 - Get freaking visible and seen as the leader of your movement
Module 6 - Daily rituals & practices to raise your vibrations and activate your magnetic powers
Module 7 - Making the necessary changes to your environment & releasing from the shadows that have kept you small


Masterpiece is a phase where, after learning how to be the leader of your own life, you find out what’s the movement you are meant to be leading in your current/or new career environment where you’ll be the leaders of others. This is where you align your professional goals with a bigger purpose and life mission. This is the fuel that gets you excited on Monday mornings. Unleash your message into the world and become a master communicator. It’s time to finally own your unique voice and reclaim your power around how you take up space in your life.

Module 1 - Connecting to your message & allowing yourself to be a channel for it

Module 2 - Operating as the artist CEO of your career and designing it according to your authentic self

Module 3 - Creating your own unique brand & owning your voice

Module 4 - Sharing your message as your self-expression, becoming that thought leader

Module 5 - The anti-niche, creating followers of your movement
Module 6 - Channeling authentic content to grow your personal brand
Module 7 - Creating an offer that your followers will desire to purchase
Module 8 - Mastering the art of seduction as a charismatic leader that attracts people to you naturally


Overflow is a phase where, after getting clear on the message you’re meant to be sharing in the world and the vehicle in which you will share this message, you are ready to receive the visibility, the abundance, the love, the recognition, the raise, the clients and truly own that new level of power you’ve unlock within yourself. You get to have it all.

Module 1 -  Reprogramming your mind to focus on abundance and release from “lack mentality”

Module 2 - Releasing from the need for external validation and giving yourself the love, and recognition that you crave
Module 3 - Fully surrender, release control and trust the timing and provenance of abundance in your life

Module 4 - Raising your energetic receiving standards in all aspects of your life
Module 5 - Learn to find value and opportunities in every experience

Module 6 - Learn to tap into the greatest source of power you’ll ever find
Module 7 - Unlock your ultimate manifesting powers for love, wealth, health and all forms of abundance

This is the process we go through together in my high-level 1-on-1 coaching experience.

I understand the uniqueness of your specific situation and know that I work very intuitively in providing you with a custom experience that matches your needs. This experience will allow you to have someone external in your corner that has been through what you’ve been through and can help you navigate this challenging time. I’m so excited for you to experience this new chapter of your life and absolutely honoured to be part of your journey. Book your discovery call here. Let’s chat and see if this is a fit for both of us

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The investment to be part of my 1-on-1 coaching program starts at $3,000. There is a payment plan available on a monthly basis. Please do not apply if you are not able to meet this investment.

If aliveness & impact if your jam & you value authenticity, this is for you.

Let’s co-create your masterpiece of life together.

Let’s go.