4-Steps to Building Your Thriving Coaching Business

Aug 12, 2020

Are you a coach who has been recently certified and has no clue how to get your first paying client?


Or are you just someone who has been helping people along the way, in your corporate career and you wanna know how can you create a business out of this?


If you said “Hell ya, show me, I feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused!”, then know that you’re not alone.


Trust me, when I say I have been there!


I was STUCK- I didn’t know how to package my expertise and my true desire to help people into a coaching business that people would be willing and able to pay for my services!


But then I decided to go all-in and took four massive but simple steps!


Let me share with you these four simple steps which will help you build a thriving coaching business:


Step 1 - Believe that you’re a coach


You need to feel it in your bones. This is what I call the “Identity shift” and it is so important, because if you don’t believe deep down that you can help people, then it’s going to be freaking hard to show up and to talk about your services. 


Are you fully embodying the coach’s identity? Do you feel it in your core that you’re a powerful coach?


I want you to be your own first client and work on your own mindset so that you can step into this powerful coach identity and show up with that energy.


Step 2 - Getting crystal clear on your business foundation


There is something that I find so powerful, in you going deeper into your own story.


This is really the beginning of it all.


You need to understand why you’re so damn passionate about helping people. Where does this come from? Can you dig a little deeper into your story to define what was that trigger that made you go on this route of wanting to help people? What did you uncover along the way that makes you so motivated to help others do the same and transform the way, you’ve transformed your life?


What is your Story? That’s really the first thing. 


You also wanna figure out who do you wanna help? It should be related to your story. Who are the people that are experiencing something similar that you’ve experienced in your life? Can you define those people very clearly, understanding their characteristics, where are they hanging out, what are their pain-points, what type of questions do they have, and most of all, what is it that they desire? What’s their vision of their dream life?


Once you’re clear on these aspects, then and only then can you define what is it that you’re going to offer to them. What can you do to solve their problem? Can you bring them from point A to point B?


What is this transformation about and how can you package this?


Usually, what I recommend my students is to create a process and turn that into a four to six weeks coaching package, depending upon the time it will take to facilitate that transformation.


This is your offer! Define it clearly. Make it crystal clear, how are you solving their problem?


And that is your business foundation – your story, who are you helping, and what is the offer or the transformation that you’re providing.


Step 3 - Have a way to get clients!


Once your foundation is crystal clear and you know where your audience is hanging out, you can start showing up online.


You should know on which social media platform is your ideal client spending their time on!


Whether it is on LinkedIn or YouTube or Instagram or Facebook or Twitter?


You’re going to start building your tribe on the platform where your target audience is hanging out.


You are going to start presenting yourself as this powerful coach and start talking about topics that are related to their pain-points, what they’re experiencing, what’s their vision of their life and be that person that they look up to by embodying the transformation that you’re preaching.


Once you start showing up and producing this valuable content, you need to have a Call-to-Action so that people can actually reach out to you. Make it super clear how they can come and talk to you and get in touch in terms of your services. Make them hop on a discovery call and actually enroll them as a signing client. 


So, here you’re pushing content out and pulling people in by asking them to send you a DM or to book a call in your calendar.


Step 4 - Enrolling clients


And then the final step is “Enrolling Clients”. Woohoo!!!


This step is about finding clients and having this powerful discussion on the discovery call where you lead them to understand that they need your help to transform and they’re willing to invest in your services.


So, these are the four steps to getting your coaching business up and running.


If you wanna learn more sign up for the mini-training and get my income calculator so that you can better understand how I started with beta clients, what price point I started at in my coaching business and how I was able to raise my prices and scale my impact by working with more people. I also share, how you can go from private coaching to group coaching eventually and I am giving you a full blueprint of how I did it in my first year and hit 2,00,000 dollars. What are you waiting for, sign up now, and dive right in!



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