5 reasons why you need to get out of free advice/inspirational pep talks & start charging for your coaching

Aug 19, 2020

As coaches, personal development influencers, lightworkers, we want to help people. We want to be of service and impact the world. But there’s only so much you could do by providing free advice or coaching. And you have to level up and start charging for the Value you provide, in order to make a real difference in the world. Here’s why:


1. People do not value Free stuff- they do not follow through and take action when you provide value for free!

Do you remember those free toys that come with McDonald's happy meals?

What would you do with those toys later on? Either you would trash those or you would keep it somewhere and never see those again, right? That’s what happens with the FREE stuff! 

And no offense, it is not to say that your free content or advice is not valuable but that won’t bring the transformation for your client as they won’t take it seriously.


2. If you want to make an impact in the world; you must be able to meet your own needs first because you cannot fill in from an empty cup. 

When your own needs are met and you have an overflow of abundance, you can create a larger container for the people whom you want to help and this creates a ripple effect of goodness and abundance in the world. If you aren’t able to live full time out of your passion to help people, you are making the world a disservice. 


3. When you’re giving free advice or coaching, you are only inspiring them but when you charge for your services you get them to take massive action! And action is the key for real transformation.


4. Your message/life purpose has to be monetized- You have to shift from giving free advice and pep talks to actually charging for your services and monetizing it because you’re going to be transforming people’s lives through your coaching and that is priceless! You are changing their lives for good and that alone is a good reason why you deserve to get paid!


5. When you charge for your services, you’re respecting the transformation that you’re facilitating for your clients, you’re actually doing them a massive favor because when you charge, they bring the skin in the game, they’re invested and they are willing to go all-in. You have to allow them to be fully committed by charging them.


If you’re stuck in the cycle of giving free advice, if you’re just starting out as a new coach, make sure to check out the free guide ( where I share my signature approach to taking that first step, putting yourself out there, announcing to the world that you’re a coach and sharing your story with the world. This guide is what I wished existed when I first started out as a coach! I call this guide “Your first step”.

So, what are you waiting for, take the first step towards your dream of becoming a Paid coach now!


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