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Oh Hello September!

I'm so fired up this morning because it's Back-to-School and there are 4 months left to 2019!

I remember this feeling so clearly. 

Back to reality after summer months. 

You know that feeling of going back to a routine that makes you sick in your stomach? Am I right?

Your boss is back from vacation, meetings are back-to-back in your calendar...

You're feeling hopeless, that's the reality you created for yourself.

Well, spoiler alert: you can change that and you don't have to wait until 2020. 

2019 is YOUR year to get into ACTION. 

Do you desire to be your own boss?

Are you sick and tired of not knowing where to start?

Do you have a business idea, but you're unsure HOW to make it happen?

Then, check out my 5 simple steps to get started right now:


STEP 1: Figure out what lights you up!

Building a business should start from there. 

I can guarantee you that if it doesn't set your soul on fire, you might not stick to it as your heart won't be all-in. 

What makes you excited?

🤓*HINT*Most of my client are excited about helping people overcome something similar that they were able to overcome.

So, what is something you overcame that you are so freaking proud of?

Why do you care so damn much about it?

🤓*HINT*This will become 90% of your marketing strategy. It's all about sharing with the world why you care about this work.


STEP 2: Identify a problem that you can solve according to step 1.

Now that you know what lights you up, you need to identify the real problem you are solving. 

What is the pressing problem people need your help with?

🤓*HINT*A business is all about solving problems for people. If the problem you are solving isn't really a problem, then you don't have a business as people won't be willing to pay you for it. 

So make sure the problem you are tackling is actually well defined and validated.


STEP 3: Figure out WHO needs this problem fixed.

It's time to define your market. 

Whom can you help that is facing the specific problem you chose?

Define who those people are and how you will be helping them specifically to solve their problem.


STEP 4: Serve the people that need your help.

Now that you know who those people are, you need to be having discussions with them!

This is the part where you offer value to those people, you share your passion for your work, you show up and help them! 

You will focus on serving them from a place of purpose. 

This is how you'll gain their trust and they will feel like you can help them further. 


STEP 5: Monetize

And only then can you think of making them an offer to work with you. 

The selling part comes after trust has been established and you're ready to take things to the next level. 


These are the 5 easy steps to get started in business! Isn't it simple!?

Yet, you're still waiting and procrastinating...

And I know why. 

You want direction.

You crave a game plan.

You need someone in your corner.

Someone who's been there, done that.

You want that 1-on-1 accountability.

Well, I've heard you. 


I created the best MBA program for new entrepreneurs called RISE.

This program is for people ready to start their service-based business with a proven step-by-step system to monetizing your passion. 

This month will be the last month that I'll be offering private coaching as part of this MBA program. You'll get me in your corner with private weekly calls.

This is the last month that I'll be offering this type of 1-on-1 support as I'm scaling this program into a group coaching one in the near future. 

Using this exact step-by-step I've been able to scale my revenues to $30,000/month and achieved 60K in 60 days just now between July and August.

Yep, this process freaking works. Still in *pinch me* mode here 🤩.


I've had 25 students in the program so far and it's been so amazing to support them in building their dream business!

Some of their results:

  • Jermaine booked her first paying client after 4 weeks of working together.
  • Mel got a speaking engagement booked in just 8 weeks.
  • Damiano started implementing the content strategy and grew his revenues by $200K coming strictly from his content strategy! 
  • Hilde said: "OMG Mimi I didn't believe it, but you've made me an online coach! I signed my first client!!"

Yes, they are ACTION TAKERS and I want you to be part of the tribe too.

I’m currently enrolling new students in the RISE Coaching Program, for the last time including private coaching from me.

This is the best MBA you can take to grow a service-based business from the ground up. I know this will sell out this month, so if you snooze, you lose. 

Working with me privately will never be that affordable anymore. This is not a pressure method, it's Mimi being freaking transparent with you!

Let’s get you into action!

Send me a private message and let's chat details together!

Mimi XO

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