Just went ALL-IN with my business!

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2019

Oh wow… something huge happened in my life last week.

It took me a few days to get over it, to heal and recover from the mixed emotions, the tears, the laughs, the hustle. But I'm ready, now, today, to share this big milestone happening in my life right now.⁣

There's so much I want to talk about, how I got here, what happened, what didn't happen. Ultimately, the big news is: I left my job for a second time around to pursue my true calling full-time. ⁣Yes, I jumped ALL-IN for the second time in my life. The growth I experienced between now and the last time is ridiculously huge. I’ve become a leader, a caring voice for a team of strong-minded men, a role model, an advocate for the team's needs, a source of sunshine when clouds were dominant. I took care of this team as if it were mine, I cared so freaking much for those people and that's what made it so hard to let go of. I went to war to protect them, I created magical moments, had meetings sitting on the ground, showed my true essence for the first time in a company & even got to get them out in Mexico for a month. Yes, it's been quite a wild exciting ride!⁣

All of this while growing my business on the side and scaling my coaching practice slowly & steady.

But there was a feeling that couldn’t leave my body, this feeling that I wasn’t building my dream. That I was contributing to building someone else's dream instead of being bold and facing my fears to carve out my own trail. This conflicting feeling made it extra hard to be leading the People & Culture for a tech startup as they counted on me to be the face of the company when all I could think of was being MY OWN FACE.

The more I got involved in the HR world, the more I realized that it was an extremely difficult position to have in any company. I felt I needed to protect the employees, to create a culture that would make them feel safe & included and to build a place where they’d feel happy coming in on Monday mornings. The problem is that I had to deal with business needs & challenges too, which often took over the founder’s main focus. I found myself being conflicted between standing for what I believe in and fight for the employee’s freedom, trust & empowerment while having to deal with bad behaviors. Being part of the leadership team allowed me to see how decisions are made at the top and I got to influence many of them, but sometimes left meetings feeling drained & powerless.

All I really wanted was to see people taking ownership of their own lives, standing up for what they believe in and aim to become the best version of themselves. If only it could be that simple…

So I decided to leave as my need to empower people to carve out their own path and stop being dependant on their job got so strong that I wondered if it could be conflicting with my role. I’m obsessed about helping people break free from their dependence on their corporate job to define themselves. I’ve seen too many people lose their identity because they left it in their employers' hands and became slaves for corporations using their amazing talent to grow their revenues. I know entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but I KNOW that building a personal brand, a freedom side business & a solid mindset is what can make you truly break free from the unfulfillment you are feeling right now.

Now, I hesitated before sharing this news with all of you. There’s a part of me that wanted to keep it for myself, in case this doesn’t work out, I’d love to stay in the shade and avoid judgments. The problem with this is that I absolutely need to scream to the world that I’m going ALL-IN for my dreams because I know this will help others do the same. I want to play big, I want to crush through all of the fears and jump right into my vision of life and there’s no other way than going public with it and opening up the path for others along the way.

So here it is, I am completely me, myself and I running a business with a mission to empower people to redefine their future and create their own side hustle to get their spark back ON.

I have private coaching spots available right now. If you’ve been thinking you need to find yourself again and you want to start something of your own to claim your independence, WE GOTTA TALK!

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