Shutting down the negative noise to channel your true power

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

This week’s blog post is inspired by my amazing client who has huge dreams and has started putting himself out there in a major way! You’ll have guessed it, he’s producing videos on LinkedIn to grow his personal brand.

As you all know, I love LinkedIn! It is one of my favorite stages where I show up daily to share my message in a bold way. I dance, I teach and I share polarizing thoughts to start a conversation. I’ve been at it for over 6 months now consistently. I even created a Masterclass on the subject so if you're looking to start putting yourself out there on LinkedIn, check it out

When I started putting myself out there on all social media platforms, I felt extremely self-conscious. I felt like I was exposed like people could judge me and talk behind my back. I knew that some of my friends were thinking: “Woah, what is Mimi up to!? She’s showing off online, she’s so intense!”. That made me feel extremely uncomfortable at first. I almost decided to back off from this whole online world because of the judgments.

I’m someone that loves to please others, to look good and be in control of my image (who isn’t like that right!?). So it was even more difficult to allow vulnerability in my life, to feel exposed and completely at risk out there in this “scary” online world.


The thing is, if you’re excited to grow a personal brand, there’s probably a strong reason behind it. You probably have a goal behind this and you know that you must start expressing yourself publicly if you want to achieve it. This was exactly my case. I knew I needed to share my message out there in this world, I was obsessed with building a movement of people that are truly Happy on Mondays.

I started focusing on this, on my bold mission to change people’s lives and I realized that exposing myself out there was a small sacrifice to the magic I could bring in this world. I started seeing that if I was courageous enough to push through the judgment bullshit I was going through, I could change the world one person at a time in a massive way!

I think we all have choices to make:

You either choose to listen to the haters and stay small and quiet in your corner


You take the stage in a massive way and you silence the haters by standing up even taller and bigger in this world.

I clearly chose the latter. And I couldn’t be happier I did because I’m starting to see some of the haters follow my steps, after realizing themselves that they wanted more out of life and start putting themselves out there too.

So this week, my amazing client put his very first LinkedIn video out there and got major engagement on it! It was an insightful video that came from his soul and I admired him for pushing through the fears and going all-in to publish it. Yet, when he came back to work the next day, colleagues were making fun of him and he felt attacked and hurt by their laughs.

I could relate to this feeling as I myself experienced it a year ago when I did a speaking gig and some of my friends came to see me speak. I was glad they came over to support me and delivered an awesome talk about my story and why people should follow their dreams. What happened after the talk was incredible, so many people were lining up to talk to me!

They wanted to speak to me, share their own stories and get my insights on it. I felt like a star and I got closer to my long term vision that night of being a speaker around the world sharing my message. The problem is, my friends that were supposed to be my biggest supporters, started laughing and making fun of the fact that people were lining up to talk to me. They were like: “Oh my god look at Mimi being all famous and shit, ha ha ha”. They said that in front of me and my tribe. It was the worst feeling.

At that moment in time, I had to make the same choice. What was I going to focus on? Delivering the best energy to my tribe, or focus on my friends' judgments and feel like shit.

You all know what was my choice.

After this incident, I knew it was going to be me and my dream above everything, always.

My message here is to tell you that there will always be haters, judgments, laughs, mockery around you. Whether or not it comes from your friends, your family, strangers or colleagues, it will always hurt at the beginning and feel extremely harsh. But remember that their words are a reflection of their fears. The fact that you are courageous and exposing yourself to this risk is making them face their own fears and wonder what would it be for them to do that.

After all, starting a personal brand and a side hustle is an experience that will crack you open and expose you to the world like you never thought possible. It’s the journey of personal development, focus on your dreams and working towards them that will make you stronger and closer to the best version of yourself.

So which journey are you choosing for your 1 and only life!?


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