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Uncategorized Apr 09, 2019

Hey you 👋🏻

I know what you’re thinking right now, sitting at your desk, getting annoyed at the stupidity of some of the tasks you are forced to do as an employee. You’re looking at the next day, next week, next month and nothing feels exciting...like nothing. You’re thinking to yourself, is that all that life is!?

You’ve climbed the steps, you’ve invested years of your life giving your all for companies, waiting for your return to come, yet nothing has come close to bring you real satisfaction. You just feel there’s something major missing...

You keep having to put off fires, deal with all of the negativity, the drama of the office and sometimes you feel like taking your bags and leaving. You’re so tired of that bullshit. You give your heart and soul to a job and you don’t get the outcome you’re expecting, the promotion, raise, the recognition. Is this really what life is all about!?

You have to deal with a boss that is overworked and so stressed out that they can’t simply be nice to you. You’re exhausted from having to do things their way, and you don’t have the freedom to create your own rules. You’re a slave to the corporate. You’re changing your true essence to “fit in” from Monday to Friday, and clearly, you’re not feeling like you are putting your true light in this world through your work.

Your dream self vs your true self is making you want to scream and cry…

Oh, I hear you…

I know that feeling too well. I had it for 6 years. It was consuming me, it was bringing my confidence down every single day. I felt like I needed to be in corporate to get paid and get my recognition.

I felt completely addicted to promotions and the “fame” of having a title and playing the corporate game all-in. I called myself a Corporate Junkie. I would survive on summer hours, paid lunches, business trips, and company cars. I was tricking my mind by telling myself I was extremely fortunate to have a job, a 6-figure role in global companies that were taking good care of me.

Until one day… July 2nd, 2017 precisely. That’s when everything became so freaking clear. I was sitting on a plane traveling for work on a Sunday and I was reading a personal development book that had exercises to do to figure out if you were living your dream life. I started answering the questions concerning my career and how I was spending my time, impacting the lives of others… and it hit me! I had absolutely no impact… I was selling products I didn’t believe in, I was stuck in the rat race because I was hungry for growth, but would simply never find fulfillment that way. I had a major breakdown, I was crying, my body had goosebumps and I knew my body was giving me a sign. I was on the edge of burnout from being so damn bored and not focusing on things that bring me true joy.

When I realized that my fulfillment actually had nothing to do with the money, with the “material”, the title, that it was all about the impact, the growth, the freedom, I knew something had to change. I knew I was called for so much more. I could feel it so strongly in my gut, in my soul. I was this signal loud and clear that I was meant for greatness and that I had to take ownership of making that happen for myself. No one else would give it to me, not a boss, not a parent, not my husband, no one had the power to make it happen for me except ME.


Is that something you have right now? Are you taking care of your growth or is life happening to you and you always have excuses not to level up?

Are you feeling sorry for yourself or are you committed to taking massive action and changing your reality?

Yeah… I chose the ladder too.

Why don’t we start focusing on how to get you out of there my love? Why don’t we take MASSIVE action together and create the life of your dreams!?

Here’s what I propose:

Let’s start by figuring out what it is that sets your soul on fire!? What are you so freaking obsessed about, that you could spend hours doing? Don’t tell me you don’t know what your true passion is, you do. If you really listen to your heart, if you remove all of the fears, all of the doubts, what would be possible for you? Yes, this is where we need to go.

Then, what does the world need right now that is directly linked to your true passion? What would people pay for to solve a problem that they face that is directly linked with what you love doing?

Now that we know… let’s start taking action. Baby steps consistently are what will get you there way sooner than you can imagine.

But if you stay in this state of mind, being “stuck” and not acting, nothing will happen. You’ll be stuck at the same job, the same life, same miserable state of mind.

So what do you choose for your life?


And you’ll be amazed how with action comes clarity! As you are trying things, you’ll get to know yourself better and will gain so much clarity.

So, if you’re ready to level up and start that journey with me, let’s do it! I’ve built a coaching program that is meant to bring you from “OMG I have no clue where to start” to “OMG I just launched my purpose-led side hustle!!!”.

I’ll help you crush through those mindset blockers, create a strategy and make sure you are executing like a true business owner.

Let's make magic happen together!

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