Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

I spent last weekend reflecting on July's Happy on Mondays business results...

And my only thought was: Holly shit! What the hell happened!?

How is this even possible!? Doubling my monthly income in a 30 days... 

From consistent $15K months to $30K month. 

Like... HOW!? 👀

Modelling success is what I teach my students.

I knew I had to figure out exactly what I did so that my students can benefit from following my foot steps.

I focused on reverse engineering the exact actions I took and realized my activities remained pretty much the same, with exception of jumping on more discovery calls with potential clients. 

After reflecting, I realized there's only 1 thing that truly changed this month...

Do you know what this shift was?

*Hint: it has nothing to do with strategy. 

You can already guess it was a question of mindset, don't you?


I stepped fully into my business owner mindset and...


Okay Mimi, what is this non-sense you'll ask!?

I've got you!

Here are my key takeaways from the last month:

1. Building a business isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. 

Are you truly committed to the long term game or are you looking for a quick fix?

By trying to get to your destination faster, you're actually trying to take shortcuts and this isn't serving you or your business. 

Is there something else you'd rather be doing that building your purpose-led business one piece at a time? If there is, ask yourself: am I doing this for the right reason?

This month I realized I was in this for the long run as there's nothing on earth I'd rather do other than building this business. THIS is huge in terms of commitment.


2. I finally let go of my plan B.

Do you have 1 foot in and one out at all times?

Are you telling yourself "if this doesn't work out I'll just keep my day job"?

Are you strategizing plan Bs instead of spending time on plan A?

Yeah... this is what I mean.

I burned my boats and decided to let go of my fears and trust the universe (and my grit!).

I'll be completely fine.

Following my passion is my ONLY plan.

There's no way I'm going back in a corporate job. 

Guess what? When you have no escape plan, you focus on your only path and that truly makes a difference in terms of energy.

Now, ask yourself: Are you willing to let go of that boring plan B and go full speed with your passion?


3. I got over myself and dropped the ego. 

Yep, I was getting in my own way.

Do you know deep down there's something you must be doing in your business, but you're finding a million excuses not to do it?

Yeah... that's what I thought!

I've been getting in my own way because I was creating a really horrific story for myself. 

I was telling myself I was bad on sales calls, that I hated them and didn't want to do them.

Wow, guess what? My conversion rates were low. 

Are you really surprised!?

This month I committed in changing this story.

I committed in LOVING sales calls.

visualized myself having fun on my calls.

I repeated positive affirmations about calls every single morning.

I asked my colleague to practice swish pattern technique to help me step into this new identity.

I recording a self-hypnosis to help me step into the identity of someone who crushes her sales calls.

And I booked more calls than ever.

And I LOVED having those amazing conversations.

And I obviously loved signing those new clients. 

I got over myself. Period.


4. I got clear on who I want to work with.

I was courageous enough to say no to people who weren't really aligned clients. 

Yep, I protected my energy and said NO to sales. 

I just knew it wasn't going to be a healthy coaching relationship and because I'm in this for the long run, no point in taking short cuts.


THIS is what changed...

It changed everything...!

As you know, I'm committed in sharing my journey with total transparency.

I hope this shows you the mind shift that might help you get the results you are craving for. 

Now your turn:

Do you know what it means to step into your successful identity?

What does that look like?

How do you need to show up to get the results you are craving?

I would love to hear from you, just hit the reply button! 

Love you so much,

Mimi XO

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