You must first change at the identity level if you want to change your life!

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

Can someone tell me why we are thought that changing is a bad thing!?

It is so strange to me that everyone says: “Don’t ever change, you are incredible just the way you are!”.

Why are we so afraid of change!? Why are we so resistant to seeing our friends change? We should be happy to change, we should encourage it and celebrate it. Yet, we are trying to keep ourselves at the same level we have always been to protect some type of identity we created for ourselves.

What if I would tell you that you must absolutely change if you want to accomplish any goal, dreams, and vision for yourself. If you haven’t been able to achieve this at this point, it means that you must be a different person, act in a different way and behave differently.

Isn’t obvious that how you did things in the past, won’t lead you to where you are heading? You must think in a different way to achieve your dream, you must be a different person, my dear.

Here’s something you don’t know about me: I used to be a party animal! I used to go out every night, hang out with friends, drink alcohol and define myself as that person. I thought that I was a social person and that all social people are spending their nights with friends, doing nothing else than discussing the new trends in fashion and wasting time and money in bars.

Yet, after years of repeating this pattern and having no real hobbies or passion project, it started to feel empty. I started to feel like the nights were repeating themselves and I got bored with it. Once you’ve tried all the new restaurants and bars and you know the barmen by their names, you just get over it, right!?

This happened almost at the same time when I also realized that my corporate life was boring as hell and that I wanted more out of life. I was tired of working to get promoted, then getting the job and mastering it in 3 months, but having to wait for 2 years before getting my next growth opportunity. It was such an unfulfilling pattern.

So I was left feeling lost and I realized that the way I was being, was not getting me where I wanted to be. I knew I needed to change and embrace a new version of myself if I wanted to achieve different things.

Especially when I jumped into entrepreneurship, I faced a lot of challenges at the identity level! I realized that this lifestyle was just not sustainable with a business to grow. I couldn’t just spend my nights drinking and fooling around if I wanted to build my own freedom business to be able to quit my job and work full-time on my dreams.

So I changed. Yes… I CHANGED and it felt AMAZING!

I started to see change as a great thing as I was seeing results in what I was building for myself. I started to see myself as an experiment and an identity I had control over. I started to understand that I had power over everything I was and all that I did. I could decide to be anything I wanted and then act as this person.

So I started by defining the identity of what a successful Mimi would be. I wanted to be confident, powerful, inspiring, a thought leader, a public speaker, a public figure changing the world. I defined this identity really well and I asked myself: What is holding me back from being that person right away!?

And so I started acting as that person NOW. I started working out every morning at 5:45am to build a strong body so that my mind could be stronger too. I stopped drinking every night, went to bed early so I could wake up bright and early, I invested in my growth, spent time reading books, moved away from TV altogether and started studying personal development.

I even changed my name… BOOM! My real name isn’t Mimi, it’s Noemi.

Noemi is the party animal version of me with a dark future. Mimi is the powerful leader inspiring millions of people to take ownership of their lives!

I had to change on an identity level to be able to achieve everything I was able to achieve in just 2 years. I had to change. I had to be a new version of myself. I had to act as this Mimi every single day, consistently to become her.

I’m now so proud of who I am, and I’m only beginning to change. I know that in order to become a successful CEO of my multi-million company I’ll need to be another version of that Mimi.

I’m dedicated to being that person!

What are you being now?

Is that identity leading you in the right direction? Chances are that if you aren’t happy with where you are at the moment, you must change your identity to change this.

Now ask yourself, how is the successful version of myself being? How is she showing up? How is she taking ownership of her life!? Define this identity really well.

Then start acting as this person, NOW.

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