Why coaching is the best work on EARTH!

Uncategorized May 14, 2019

Actually, coaching is not a job for me. Coaching is the best way to serve the world and spend time helping people, by being YOU and getting rewarded for your beautiful gifts. I swear I’ve never felt in such alignment with my purpose.

As a coach, you get to help people every day to achieve their dreams. You get to work from anywhere on your laptop, have TOTAL freedom on your days, skip the commute, get paid premium prices for little time investment and change the world one client at a time. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend my days.

If you’re looking to create a life where work doesn’t feel like work, coaching is your way to true fulfillment.

I used to be the person listening to my colleagues, being there for them, giving them the courage to act according to their dreams, pushing them to aim for more and get what they really want out of life. I helped them get raises, have tough conversations with their boss and be bold with their ask. I was the friend that you’d call to get an opinion, for guidance on a really important decision. I was that friend listening to your breakup dilemma, giving you the hope of a better life.

It was right there in front of me the whole time… I was meant to serve, heal, guide, support and EMPOWER.

Can someone tell me why we aren’t thought about coaching at university!? It’s so strange to me. I don’t understand why this is not an occupation that EVERYONE talks about!!  Coaching wasn't a "profession" in the list of "respected way to evolve your career" that was provided to me at university. 🤔 I wonder why sometimes... I had it all wrong, thinking I needed to be an accountant or a VP of a huge (meaningless) company to "make it".

If I’d known it existed before I would have saved 6 years of my life and impacted the lives of so many people in these 6 years. But you know what, I trust that this was the journey I needed to be on.

Isn't it the goal!? I honestly can't wrap my head around how I used to spend 3 hours per day commuting to work. It's mind-blowing to me to think that you might be right now sitting in the subway looking at this post and thinking, WTH am I doing with my life. 

It felt so freaking impossible to achieve too. At this point in time, I felt so stuck. Completely stuck in my head. Not enough connected with my heart. My head (and complete brainwash from corporate 🙄) was telling me there was no way for me to replace my yearly salary. That I was stuck working 40 hours per week to get my bi-weekly steady income. I had this major limiting belief preventing me from seeing ALL of the possibilities I had right there waiting for me. 

I didn't even think to allow my heart to speak up and show me the way. My heart would have easily identified that I LOVED helping, healing, guiding, supporting people around me. That I was gifted for human connection and that I could effortlessly make money by doing what I'm truly put on earth to do: empower people to GO AND FREAKING MAKE THEIR DREAM LIFE HAPPEN.

That’s when my passion for coaching started. I realized THIS was it. It was what I’m meant to do. When I realized coaching was my true calling, I then focused on mastering this type of business, I worked with multiple coaches, purchased online programs and learned from the best of the best to grow my own coaching business, which at the time was career coaching.

I became incredibly passionate about the business aspect of it. I literally "geeked out" and grew my business consistently month after month by applying all of my learnings. I started helping people around me to build their own coaching business and have been incredibly proud of helping people serve the world in such a powerful way! 

So I decided to create what I wish existed when I was starting out trying to build a coaching business to escape 9-5. The exact blueprint I used to scale my business from 2K per month to 5K, to 7K (when I decided to say fuck this I quit my job!) and then 10K in a week. If you're looking for a way out, RISE is your life-changing program! This is your time to act on your dreams and make it happen!

Are you also fascinated by the power of coaching and considering getting into it? Let me know in the comments below!

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