Stuck in self-doubt? Listen up..

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Last night on my weekly #REALTALK we went deep into how self-doubt and comparison can literally cripple you at any stage of business (if you let it) and especially so when you're just starting out!

In fact, I could do the same: 

Who am I to be a business coach? There's plenty of other business coaches out there, what even makes me different? Why would someone want to work with me?

You see, we could all go there - into that self-doubt and comparison trap..

Which is also a big reason why some people succeed and others don't. They let themselves get in their own way. It's not about what others are creating... it's about what YOU want to be creating!

Here's what I suggest reflecting on ASAP and implementing right away...

  • Choose what you focus on. You either have a focus on spiralling OR you focus on creating what you wished existed
  • If you fuel your energy to creating INSTEAD of comparing, image what you can create?
  • Cultivate an abundance instead of lack mindset through daily practice

As always, I want to keep this short and sweet because honestly, the best details are in the recording of the #REALTALK.

When you've finished watching the replay, leave a comment or private message me and let me know where you're at and what you're struggling with most. I'd love to chit-chat on it.

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What do you think holds people back the most from succeeding in their online coaching business? Let me know in the comments!

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