The courage to put yourself out there...

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

It's clearly the most common fear out there for new entrepreneurs.

Getting your face on social media is quite a big deal!!!

And although you might be seeing me show up online all the time and you're like:

"Mimi! It seems so easy for you! It's "natural" for you."

It sure wasn't easy for me either. Hello! I am human just like you.

It's funny because I've been practicing this muscle for the last 2 years now and I almost forgot what it's like when you are just starting out. 

But I've been digging into the archives to analyze the journey I've been on...

As a fun exercise, I wanted to check out my very first video and for some reason, I can't find it. 

I think I was so ashamed of how awkward it was that I decided to delete

It was a video of me explaining how I learned to put contact lenses how relevant haha!

But, I've found some pretty good ones in the early stages of my business and I really want you to check them out to see the evolution between Feb 2018 and now:

#1 A video explaining what Happy on Mondays is all about: Feb 13th 2018 

I remember recording this 10000 times before posting it. I knew the text by heart as I was so afraid I would say the wrong word and fuckup my message. I was so shy and really afraid people would laugh.

I practiced every single day for 20 minutes in front of a mirror to make sure I had the right intonation, words and physiology. I was CLEARLY reading a text, a little shaky, but I did post the damn thing.

Check it out here


#2 A pitch I did in front of 300 people at Creative Mornings Toronto: March 23rd 2018

I was promoting my live event and I wanted to practice my public speaking skills by pitching in front of a crowd. I remember shaking like crazy on that stage!!! Honestly my palms were sweaty and I was afraid I would blank and no be able to say a word.

Check it out here.


#3 My first ever Facebook Live: December 10th 2018

I was so afraid of making the transition from in-person event to online. I thought no one would show up to my live. Pat was there in the back cheering me up! 

Check it out here


#4 One of my first morning inspirational video

My mouth was clearly frozen from the cold weather in Toronto. I was shy, but showing up despite of fear. I was afraid of judgement, just like you might be right now. 

Check it out here


And now, you can see how I'm human just like you. I started somewhere just like you are right now. 

I decided that my new identity was someone who shows up for her business, shares inspiring content and just freaking does the damn thing. 

There's no rocket science here. There's thousands of hours of practice. I share minimum 1 video per day.

That means that I've done over 600 videos/posts since I started.

Imagine how good you would be after 600 times of doing something!? Yeah...

Consistency. Practice. Mastery. 

Are you willing to commit to it? Are you interested in growing your skills and doing the work? 

This is what is done behind the scenes. This is what leads you to grow and step into your power. 

And now, I show up and share from my heart authentically without any fear. I cry sometimes, I dance sometimes, I do me.

Here's to crying on LinkedIn.

Here's to dancing on LinkedIn

Here's to being polarizing on LinkedIn

Here's to being vulnerable AF on LinkedIn.

Here's to YOU, getting started and navigating through those fears too.

I feel you.

I get you.

I was there not too long ago too. You now have proofs of that. 

I had a long chat with the world last night about that topic and decided to record the LIVE to share it with you, check out my Monday Night #REALTALK to have more tips on how to navigate through the fear of putting yourself out there. 

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