ALWAYS Expect & Assume The BEST

Feb 18, 2020

I wanted to talk with you about something super important for creating success in any area of your life… and yes, you guessed it, it comes down to your mindset.

I’ve been fascinated with studying the field of NLP this year, so I wanted to teach on the topic of ALWAYS ASSUMING THE BEST in your life, in your career, in your relationships, in your business.. (full in-depth video on this here)

A perfect example?

I just received access to go LIVE on LinkedIn after 5 months of applying, waiting, applying, waiting…

Did I give up? You know me - absolutely not!

I kept pushing. I kept assuming the VERY best.

I kept assuming that *obviously* LinkedIn would let me in on being able to go LIVE.

I kept expecting it would come my way.

And nearly half a year later.. It’s arrived.

And that’s why this topic is SO relevant - about getting something you’ve been waiting for, for months.

This is why we always need to be always assuming the best out of EVERYTHING that you interact with in your life. 

Of course this is a practice. It’s not a one-time-and-done mental habit.

But once you start doing it consistently, it’ll turn into your default mode.

And then the beautiful thing happens - things start to click, to flow, to fall into place..

So if there’s something you want in life, ask yourself these two starter questions:

  1. How can I be more persistent with this desire, this thing that I want?
  2. How can I take charge and be at cause for what I want to manifest in my life?

In NLP, we go deep into being open to receiving what you want, and being closed off.

For example: the energy of frustration and anger for not being accepted vs. the energy of resourcefulness and adaptability until you’re accepted (because, of course!)

Now, if you want to go a little bit deeper into this topic and NLP, you’ll definitely want to check out the full video where I dive right into all of this and share more details about my “rejection” from LinkedIn for the past 5 months. 

Just click here to watch it instantly!

Then, feel free to leave a comment below the video with your biggest ‘aha’ moment!

PS. If you haven’t heard yet, I’m launching a Coaching Certification to provide you with the same tools I learned to reprogram myself this year. 

I will be certifying students as:

  1. Life & Success Coaches
  2. (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners
  3. Clinical Hypnotherapists
  4. T.I.M.E. Techniques Practitioners
  5. (EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioners


Those 5 modalities changed my life and are about to change yours as well. 

I’m beyond excited to be launching this and offer you a discounted price to join the Early Bird Coaches that are enrolling in the certification before January 15th 2020

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate program that will give you both the mindset certification AND the business strategy to grow your online business, then the Happy on Mondays Certification Method is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 

Check out more details here:

Book a call with me to learn more about the certification and ask me any questions about it here:

Or, feel free to send me a private message and we can chat details!

To your success,




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