From “Too Cool for School” to Studying Over 1000 Hours of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Sep 09, 2020

Ten years ago, I was this party girl who would pride herself for being “too cool for school”, I would somehow pass all my exams and would do just enough to get through the tests.


I had created this script inside my mind that I was not someone who loved reading or studying and that was completely made up! I thought it was so lame to study or to read books or to invest in personal growth and during the whole time when I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree, all I would spend my time doing was inviting people for drinks and hosting them, doing dance parties in my living room, having happy hours. And it was my life, I would be in my class and think about what we are doing after class!


Even while pursuing my Master’s degree, I was trying to hack my way through University.


I had created a persona for myself that I was just not the student who enjoyed studying for all these years.


But then, I started learning about NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it changed my life because I realized that I had created this story for myself and that may have served me in some way in my past, but surely it wasn’t going to serve me in my future.


As I started learning more and more about NLP, I became obsessed with it.


I started reading books and realized through those books that wow, I was creating my own reality.


I was so fascinated with this whole new world of NLP, that I started learning all these different levels of NLP and went ahead to become a trainer of NLP, and I studied over 1000 hours to get fully certified as an NLP trainer and really enjoyed being a student again. I was spending hours and hours delving into the study and it seemed so effortless. I had all these cue-cards, highlights, notes, etc. like a type-A student and I completely shifted my identity to becoming a full-time student of life! I shifted my identity from being a party girl to someone who really wanted to study and up-level and master her skills.


This whole process was definitely not easy, shifting our identity takes work but I was committed to doing the work and going all in, and it was so fun!


You define and you choose what is the new story that you want to write for yourself. You get to choose, how you want to be moving forward. If the past identity is not serving you, it’s okay to ditch it and to step into a completely new identity. It’s like putting down the suit which isn’t fitting you anymore and trying on a brand-new suit, which actually defines who you’re meant to be.


Once I stepped in this new identity of a girl, who wanted to deepen her knowledge, master her skills and help others live their Happy on Monday’s life, I started to experience growth which was so exponential because I went all-in. From being a party girl to creating my own coaching certification, this transformation is completely WILD!


So, one thing I want to ask you is what is possible for you, if you shift that past identity that you have?


For example, let’s say you have this past identity that you’re someone who doesn’t love exercising.


When did you decide that and is this really serving you now?


What needs to shift is not you pushing or forcing yourself to exercise but for you to shift that identity from being someone who doesn’t love exercising to being someone who moves to move their body, who enjoys doing their favorite exercise.


What most people do is that they try to shift on a behavioral level and then they are not able to sustain it. But when you shift from an identity level, everything just starts shifting automatically.


And that is what the Happy on Monday’s certification will teach you to do!

If you’re looking to get certified as a Happy on Monday’s coach and get trained in various modalities like NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and Life and Success coaching, then I invite you to hop on a discovery call right now for my Happy on Mondays coach certification + business training program.


On these discovery calls, we dive deep into what it is that you DESIRE and we also talk about where you’re right now and what’s the GAP between where you are and where you want to be. Then we’ll explore if the certification is the right program for you.


Convinced yet!? Share with me over on LinkedIn if it’s a hell yess!


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