How to find your expertise, when you feel like no expert.

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

It’s good to have you here…

I’ve been wanting to reach out and tell you these words that you are about to read… I see we are synced 😇

You’ve been feeling like there’s more in life, that you should start something of your own and finally get the courage to put yourself out there. Yet, as soon as that thought pops up in your mind, you also feel like a complete impostor, because you’re not an expert in anything, so why would you be able to start a business of your own!?

Oh god, I know that feeling! We are so fast at judging ourselves and playing small…

I know you’ve been working for quite a while now, you’ve seen the ups and downs of the corporate life and you definitely lost your passion for it. Some days it feels so empty! You are on autopilot, doing the work that is expected from you, without feeling truly invested, because truthfully you don’t care that much.

Well, let me tell you something today that might change the whole course of your life (I hope!).

You are an expert. Yes, I’m talking to you.

You are an expert at this thing that you’ve been spending your time doing, at this problem you’ve been able to overcome, at this passion of yours that doesn’t feel like work, at this gift that you have that everyone around you sees except you.

Other incredible mind blowing thought: Being an expert is being one step further than your audience.

I feel like many of us are comparing ourselves with people a few steps above us, but we forget all of the people that are not yet at our level.

So don’t tell me there’s nothing in your life you’ve been able to overcome that someone else doesn’t yet. Don’t tell me you don’t have any passion, that you didn’t develop an expertise while working full time in a specific industry for so long.

Don’t tell me you’re not talented in anything, I’m sorry (not sorry)  but I call that bullshit!

Let me give you some examples of expertise that you could have:



Fitness Expert: You’ve been able to lose 30 pounds and keep a consistent fitness routine.

Nutrition Expert: You are dealing with a specific health condition that forces you to have a strict diet, you’ve researched the web for recipes.

Mindfulness Expert: You’ve been meditating every single day for a long period of time.

Nail Biting Expert: You’ve been able to stop biting your nails with a specific technique.



Money Mindset Expert: You’ve been able to change your mindset around money and start building a financial empire for yourself.

Business Expert: You’ve built a business (or did it in corporate) where you grew sales and were able to grow a team of employees.

Manifestation Expert: You’ve been able to develop a way to manifest your dreams

Pay Raise Expert: You’ve asked and received multiple pay raises in your corporate career.

Real Estate Expert: You’ve been in real estate for a long time and have studied the market.

Minimalism Expert: You are a minimalist.



Couple relationship expert: You’ve been married for 20 years with success and happiness.

Parenting expert: You have been able to develop skills at parenting and love helping new parents with this journey.

Dating expert: You’ve been on many dates in your life and were able to build healthy relationships.


Now from each one of these expertise, I could give you 100 examples of businesses that you could start right now.

As soon as you start seeing yourself as an expert, you’ll be resourceful in finding the best sources of information to grow your expertise every single day and provide to your audience and clients the best advice. There’s no destination to attain before starting out. Once you pick what feels aligned to you, then you’ll be on this growth journey for years to perfect your skills and knowledge.

As you are right now, you’ve been able to overcome a specific problem that others on the same journey haven’t yet. You are there to support them in getting them where you are now, while you continue growing and evolving yourself.

Isn’t refreshing to hear? Yes my dear, you already have everything you need to get started and building a business out of it.

Now ask yourself, if you removed the word expert from the scary box in your head, what would be possible for you? How would you spend your time? How would you help people?

If this resonates and you’d like to get confirmation from me, I’m happy to have a clarity call with you and see how I can support you further in this journey. You deserve so much better and you have the power to change your reality right now! What is stopping you?


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