How to Grow a Purpose-Led Business

Aug 05, 2020

Around 2 years ago, I was travelling for work on a Sunday, I was on a plane and I was sitting and reading a book, Carrie Green’s book “She means business” and suddenly something clicked!

There was something more!

There was something more in life, that was left to pursue.

I was settling, this was not quite it, this was not it at all.

I realized I had to make a big massive change in my life, but what was it?

All I knew at this point, was that I wanted to create my own “Happy on Mondays” lifestyle!

And boom, I had this Aha moment!

I need to be Happy on Mondays and I need to crack this code and teach others to do this because I had been surrounding myself with too many people that were settling in their careers and were not doing the work that was truly meaningful to them and guess what I didn’t want that for myself, for the world around me and I knew I can be the CHANGE-MAKER.

I can be the person who sets the tone, who sets the example, who can be a role model for others.

I had received this nudge and this message of “Happy on Mondays” but I didn’t know what it would look like at first, but I knew that was my life’s mission.

So, I went all-in! Stepped into that identity of a change-maker and a leader.

And today I am living my Happy on Monday’s life!

Every day I wake up living this mission.

And so, this is what Coaching and NLP did to me. It allowed me to see myself in a different light, to see myself in a different way. It allowed me to get rid of any fears, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that I had around myself, which wasn’t serving me.

And that is why I created the “Get Paid Challenge” which will do the exact same thing for you!

If you’ve been looking to turn your passion to help people into a thriving business and serve people powerfully through coaching, make sure to watch my free training explaining how I went from corporate employee to full-time coach:


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