The Identity Shift: It’s Time To Own Your Power

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Well, let's just say last night was a wild Monday Night #realtalk.

I talked on a subject that most people in the online world aren't willing to talk about..

Which is the identity shift of a new coach, and the following identity shifts that happen after that (plus, the pitfalls where most people tend to get stuck - which is why they struggle to reach the next level in their life and business, even when they're seemingly doing "all the right things")

Here's the first two stages of the "identity journey" I talked about, but trust me.. this is just the tip of the iceberg - you're definitely going to want to grab yourself a notebook, your favourite pen and get cozy with me as I drop a lot of #realtalk ...

Stage 1: Calling Yourself a Coach

Struggling to own your "title" as a coach, scared to put yourself out there for fear of judgement from colleages, friends or family.. or worse, you've got a lot of inner dialogue along the lines of..

What happens if I fail?

Am I doing things the right way?

Maybe I should just scroll Instagram more to get "inspiration" for what to write about next..

Who am I to be a coach?

I'm struggling with imposter syndrome, I don't have all my sh*t together.

What will people think of me? What happens if I fail?

I'm scared what my old college friends - and current colleagues - will think of me when I *officially* step out of the proverbial coaching closet..

Stage 2: The Six-Figure Coach

You've filled up your 1:1 coaching packages, and you're ready to create a course or a group coaching program so that you can leverage your time (because hey, there's only one of you and that magical brain and heart of yours!)

Unfortunately, I have some bad news: imposter syndrome hasn't disappeared just because you're making a full-time, lucrative income from your coaching, consulting or service-based business now.. it's just dressed in different clothing. Maybe you've heard the saying "new level, new devil"? Well, that basically sums this stage up.

I wanted to keep this short and sweet because honestly, the best details are in the recording of last night's Monday Night #realtalk. 

Trust me, it's worth taking 30 minutes out of your day and dedicate it to seeing where you're at in this journey.

And better yet, let me know where you're at in the comments below and what you're struggling with most. I'd love to chit chat on it.

And, if you want to stay in-the-know with my weekly Monday Night chats, I'd love for you to join myself and other ambitious souls in the Happy On Mondays Tribe, my FREE Facebook group!

Can't wait to see you on the inside! ;)


P.S. From my own life experience, "owning your power" is often easier said than done...

Especially if you're trying to build & scale your 6-figure business by yourself, from scratch.

If you're done struggling and doing things all on your own, continuously hearing the sounds of crickets from your content, and wondering if you're really cut out for this entrepreneurial world..

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Mimi XO

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