It's okay if it's difficult...

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Hear me out this morning. 

If you are abandoning everything you're doing when it gets hard...


You are supposed to suffer when you grow. 

It is okay if it's not "flowy" and "easy" and "effortless"!


Wow, aren't we good to tell ourselves bullshit excuses!?

Am I right!?

Nothing that you desire that you don't already have will come easy.

If it's so "natural" for you right now it means that you aren't stretching yourself enough.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to tell the world this morning! 

I want to let you know that it hasn't been easy to get to where I am right now. 

And I know damn well it won't be easy to get to where I'm heading. 


It's SIMPLE though. 

Almost too simple. 

But so damn hard. 

The strategies are freaking easy to follow.

There's a step-by-step process.

With easy baby steps. 

Which combined brings enormous progress.

But where it gets tricky is the bullshit dialogue going on in your head. 

You're telling yourself all those lies about your own worth.

You're telling yourself stories where you never end up being the superhero.

You keep thinking the rest of the world is better than you are. 

You run "worst-case" scenarios on replay in your mind.

B U L L S H I T.

That's the really tricky part.

And that's why you gotta get someone in your corner to call you out on that. 

You gotta have someone pushing you to continue despite the fear. 

Keeping you accountable during the tough times. 

Cause there will be tough times.

Just keeping it #real as always...

This is why I created RISE.

I want to keep you OUT of your head and INTO action. 

And you have a tribe with you, going through it WITH you. 

You're not alone anymore. 

We get it. 

We get you. 

You can stop trying to convince your partner or your mom. 

They just don't get it. 

It's fine, it's their model of the world.

There's a fire in your belly.

You know damn well what I'm talking about.

You could freaking scream it out loud how much you know deep down you're meant for something HUGE.

This is the model of the world you're meant to step into.

Your soul is telling you what you need to do. 

Follow that calling.

Jump into the adventure with me. 

The demand for RISE has been so high that I have decided to open up a couple of additional spots for the cohort starting on Oct 7th. This is the last round to get your coaching business off the ground before 2020. 

Now is the time to join. 

I already have millions of ideas on how I'll overdeliver on the incredible experience my RISERS are about to have. 

Don't miss out. 

I'm on that path of massive success and I want to bring you on board.

What do you say?


Press the reply button now. Let me know you are IN.



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