Letting Go of the How

Feb 18, 2020

You know when you want something so much, you get into a bit of an obsession about it?

Like, major stress kicks in and it becomes really tough to push through and achieve it?

Wouldn't you like to know how to let go of the how, so you can actually reach your goal without pulling your hair out or spinning in circles?

On this week's Monday Night #REALTALK, we covered this entire topic in detail.

Here's some of the major shifts:

>> Overthinking the 'how' of my goal of making 100k in my first year of business led to stress and panic mode

>> Trying to control your journey and how things will unfold is not how the universe works

>> Working through my own limiting beliefs and fears using NLP, EFT & Hypnotherapy helped me completely move through scarcity mode in setting my first really ambitious goal

>> Focus on the 'what' (your goal) instead of all the little tiny details (the 'how') to avoid scarcity and neediness (the opposite of what's necessary to attract what you want in life)

>> And more!

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I thought so!

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