Making the Big Jump into the Unknown

Sep 02, 2020

Hey beautiful human,

I’m coming at you with #real #raw & #vulnerable news!

Over the last few months, it's been so interesting how the world evolved, and how I had to evolve, who I was, who I am, who I'm becoming. 

And a few things that are on my mind these days are the next step in terms of living situation, where are we going to live next? 

This has been on my mind, for a few months now. And to be quite real and honest, I got in my own way. I got stuck in analysis-paralysis, trying to figure out the perfect next step to where we should live next, being stuck into wanting to make the right move. 

And it's interesting because when you're in your head spiraling, trying to make sure that you’re calculating every single step coming your way, you're obviously preventing yourself to truly enjoy what life has to offer because when you're trying to control, your energy is contractive! 

And what we want instead is to just allow things to unfold, allow things to be easy, allow the universe to literally send you nudges, and follow those nudges. That's it. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. 

It's been interesting how my subconscious mind in my past self was trying to protect me from making a move, from making a change in my life, trying to hold on to what was. This loft has helped me become Mimi.

 It helped me go from Noemi to Mimi! 

I have blossomed in this loft and all the fears showing up today, all the fears showing up in the past few months about leaving the loft, are related to the fact that I'm afraid I will lose what I built by moving on to a different place, a different location, a different city, a different home, whatever. 

And by trying to protect myself from losing what I built, I'm preventing myself from becoming who I want to become, and when you step into being in protection mode, then you're not thriving anymore.

 You're protecting you're acting out of fear, you're acting out of scarcity, which is the opposite of what I preach, which is the opposite of acting out of my next level self. And this is it

What really needs to shift is me releasing, releasing from wanting to protect what I've built, and allowing myself to surrender to what's next. Ditching the controlling parts of myself, to allow the universe to send my way, the next steps, the next best step for. Let it just happen.

Let it be easy. 

Let it be flowy. 

Let it be not in my head. 

Let it be taking inspired action without second-guessing, without feeling scared, without feeling like I'm not going to make the right decision because if I don't make any decision, I'm actually making the wrong decision because it's a matter of being constantly in the movement. 

What if deep down in the core of your being, that there is no way you can fuck this up! 

All that could happen is it was the door you needed open, to uncover that new door that you set for yourself, knowing that if it's in your head, you must take that step. You must go all in and jump into the unknown. 

Now, my question to you today, are you trusting what is your truest desire?

What would happen if you allowed this to be the sign you were looking for? What would happen if you fully trusted the inner compass, that feeling, that gut feeling, that intuition, your inner fire?

What is scary is the fact that you're leaving that comfort zone and that itself says a lot.

 It says that it's exactly the next step, the next best step. 

If you're making a big jump into the unknown trust, you need to shift your beliefs, your inner beliefs that you’ve got this. 

That it always works out for you. That it always will.  

You're inspiring people. You're taking massive action. 

You're making that movement. 

You're actually raising the vibration of the entire planet. 

So, what are you freaking waiting for? Go for it. Go for it now!

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