Reinvention Process

My Complete Reinvention Process Revealed

Nov 10, 2022

You can choose to tune in 🎧 to my voice as you read this.


 There are moments in life when you just know something needs to change. You are searching for answers.

 Whether it’s a job you’re no longer excited about, or a routine that doesn’t serve you, friendships you outgrew or well…

a relationship you need to let go of.

All of these are indicators that you are ready to reinvent yourself, to reignite a fire inside, to step back in alignment…

To find your "X".

 Today I want to share with you the exact process I went through to navigate my post-divorce journey of finding myself again.

 And let me tell you, I feel so activated by life these days!!! I’m a complete new woman.

I know some of you might not be going through a divorce at all, but this process can be used for any reinvention you might be going through.

In order to “find yourself again”, what’s actually needed is a process of building rapport with your new self.

 It’s about getting to know the new version of you in the new chapter of your life and familiarizing yourself with it as if you were meeting a complete stranger.

 I used a process that is thought in any communication training, but I put my own twist on it…

 Here’s how it’s done:



Step 1 - PACE:

You have to meet yourself where you’re at right now and it starts by acknowledging your baggage.

I know we tend to want to escape the pain of the present moment because we don’t want to deal with the emotions that come up.

But that’s what’s needed to move on.

You cannot skip this step.

Trust me I tried.

I ignored that part, was trying to move on and take action and everything I would do wasn’t working. 

I had to sit with my mess.

Look at all of it. 

You gotta go assess your past challenges, mistakes or failures.

You need to be willing to sit there and look at all of it.

Unpacking it.

Seeing it for what it truly is, still in your heart.

Chances are you’re still holding onto a negative story about it, some type of guilt or shame.

In this first step, you must create a sense of self-compassion and an acceptance that while you’re not proud of what the past was, you hold respect and love for yourself.


An exercise I recommend in this step is to journal on this question: 

What stories of my past are still part of who I believe to be today? What failures are still hurting me? What do I let it mean about myself?


Step 2 - PACE:

The next step on your journey is to allow yourself to be seen by others. 

Recognizing your own magic through other people's eyes. 

This is where you receive recognition that reinforces your sense of self.

Most of us have a hard time receiving compliments and owning our gifts, so we fall into the cycle of “it’s never enough”.

This is the ultimate recipe for failure, because instead of seeing yourself for what you truly are, you fall into the lack mentality of thinking you need to be more, do more to be worthy.

In this step, you allow yourself to receive fully and to figure out what is it that makes you special.

An exercise I recommend in this step is to have a conversation with 4 different humans:

(from your life that know you at different levels)

One can be from your career, one in your family, one can be a close friend and one an acquaintance. 

Ask them this very simple question, without giving them more context of trying to control the outcome of the conversation:

“Knowing me the way you know me, what would you say are my superpowers?”


Step 3 - BRIDGE:

This is the phase where you look at the gap that your mind has created between your own perception of self based on your past failures and the actual perception of people who see the magic in you.

Ayyyyyyy how wild the difference right!?

Recognizing your self-sabotaging patterns, the voices in your mind that are pulling you into your "smallness" is the bridge you need to build.

This is what will clear the way for your expansion.

If you’re still holding space for your smallness, feeding into that narrative, it’s time for you to let it go. 

You must recognize that your smallness was trying to achieve greatness.

Knowing that you were doing the best you could with the resources you had at the time.

That part of you didn’t have the tools, but now you do.

Make peace with that and move on.

Decide that the future is different.

That you deserve to take up space.

Your sense of identity is so linked to that narrative, that it can be hard to leave this behind.

Your entire world is based around that image of yourself.

When you stay small you stay in the arena with “them”.

When you get out of the arena you can actually rise and then give back.

Turn the pain of leaving your smallness into a pleasure of stepping into your greatness.


An exercise I recommend in this step is to journal on:

Every failure you’ve experienced, decisions you made that hurt people and write a new story, a new meaning about it.

Write down how it was done for the highest good of all and that your intentions were good.

Start with:

I used to think that (FAILURE) was making me (MEANING ABOUT YOU), but actually now I see that (NEW MEANING)

I’m seeing things differently now.


Step 4 - LEAD:

Now that you’ve crossed that bridge, you’re freaking ready for clarity on who you’re meant to become.

Do you see that there was so much getting in the way of seeing CLEARLY?

Ok, we’re ready.

Let’s explore potentiality.

You’re not an average human. You have this fire inside of you and you want to use it for the good of the world.

You’re desiring to have an impact, to lead, to make a difference, to be fulfilled, to create. 

You’ve never done things the same way as others. You’re different. You know it.

You’re not meant to follow the rules, you’re meant to dictate the rules of your game.

You’re a leader of a movement. 

You were never meant to fit in, because you’re meant to create your own masterpiece.

It’s time to accept this fully and decide that your story, your gifts are there to help you lead a movement you are the messenger for.

This is where you claim the impact you are going for.


An exercise I recommend in this step is to journal on:

If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

If you could take a stance, what would it be?

What’s a movement you’d love to lead in this world?


Step 5 - SOLIDIFY:

Finally, in order to start materializing this vision into reality, you must fully embody the version of you who leads in that way.

You gotta define what it means to lead the movement you’re leading and getting the type of results you desire in your life.

Whether it’s becoming a VP in your company and being an incredible mentor for your team


Growing a conscious business that achieves incredible success 


Becoming the healthiest version of yourself

It’s all relying on your identity. Who are you showing up as in this world.

Not what you’re doing, but who you are being while you do the things.

This is the magic sauce, the one that makes everything fall into place.

If you close your eyes and imagine yourself leading, what does it looks like?

What characteristics are you embodying?

How are you standing? What are you perceiving about yourself?

How are others seeing you? How’s your energy? How do you feel?

This is your identity. This is who you get to become.

 So how do you embody this now?

Of course changing your habits is important, but that’s only scratching the surface to be honest. Soon enough you’re gonna face resistance because deep down you’ll feel like a fraud doing things that feel foreign and not owning it fully.

That’s why what I personally use is subconscious mind reprogramming to help my mind familiarize itself with my “leader self” and that new and improved version of me I desire to become.

This is not something I can breakdown in a newsletter like this one, since it’s custom to each of your specific vision of self. 

This is my secret sauce… which if you’d like to experience yourself, feel free to reply to this email and we can talk about how I can help you with this.

I swear since completing these steps, I’m a new woman!!!

I was sitting on the plane last Sunday and I couldn’t stop writing ideas and thoughts about projects I’m excited to start.

I feel in my power, I know what I stand for.

I’m in flow.

I’ve found so much excitement for what I’m building and I truly feel unstoppable!

Now it’s your turn to act on this plan. Easy right!?



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