Goals + Self-Sabotage

Feb 18, 2020

Have you set some big and beautiful goals for the new year?

And have you set new year goals before, only to never end up achieving them?

Yep - me too (that is, before I learned cutting-edge mindset tools like NLP + hypnosis).

Because without these tools, it's hello major procrastination + self-sabotage... 

Wouldn't you like to know how to overcome this.. once and for all?

Just click here to learn these life-changing tips from this week's Monday Night #REALTALK on Goals + Self-Sabotage, and implement them yourself starting today!


Here's some of the major shifts we talked about:

  • Most personal development coaches and influencers set goals using the conscious mind by reverse-engineering the steps (and that's why sometimes procrastination + self-sabotage kicks in)
  • The conscious mind sets goals, but the subconscious mind gets the goal
  • When there's resistance, it's like your subconscious and conscious mind are butting heads (and that's why you'll find plenty of reasons not to take action towards your goal)
  • One of the main directives (of many) of your subconscious mind is to keep you safe and another directive is to take the path of least resistance


PS. Once you watch the replay from this week's Monday Night #REALTALK all about Goals + Self-Sabotage, I have a feeling you'd love to dive deeper into these tools and learn a bit more.. wouldn't you?

I thought so! 

You're in luck, because starting TODAY I'm hosting a FREE 5-Day Coaching Training where we go deep into implementing these mindset tools so you can grow your coaching skills to the next level.

Ready for it?

Register here:

Can't wait to see you there!


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