When success is terrifying!

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Well that didn't go as planned 👀

Ok, I'll go straight to the punch line:

I shared about my success and it backfired 🔥


Apparently sharing about my monthly revenues pissed some people off. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Let me share a little more about why that happened:

I played small for most of my life, is that also your case?

Afraid to "change", by fear of not pleasing others.

Terrified of my own success.

Does that sound familiar?

I knew that changes were inevitable in order to succeed and that scared the **** out of me. 

Are you afraid of what success will look like for you?

How will your life transform?

What will people around you think?

Will you have to change your identity?

Basically, will your entire world change because of success?

Is success actually exciting or scary (or both)?

When I started Happy on Mondays, people around me thought I had a "cute" project.

They thought I was hippie (and probably crazy) for leaving my high paying job for no security. 

Some of them probably thought I was doing drugs (lol, if you know me, you know it's impossible).

Then, they realized I was changing. My identity changed completely:

  • I started spending all of my time building a business instead of going out.
  • I changed my behaviours;
  • Started working out daily
  • Practicing daily rituals of success
  • Working on my mindset
  • My revenues started growing
  • My impact too
  • I started working with more amazing aligned clients

And suddenly I wasn't that crazy to go after my dreams...

Yet, the world around me didn't want me to change.

They loved me in status quo

You know the usual "please don't ever change, you're perfect as is"...

Well now my worst nightmare happened last week. Another challenge allowing me to level up.

I shared about MONEY (*insert scary voice here*)

I talked about the success and revenue growth I had been experiencing in my business.

And apparently it's a big "no no" according to a lot of people.

I was critiqued publicly, but also behind the scenes, for associating success to money.

My biggest fear of success actually became reality!

I'm a people pleaser 🤦🏻‍♀️

At that point, I had 2 options:

  1. Delete my posts + cry in my bed. 😭
  2. Reflect on what this experience is teaching me

I chose #2.

I realized that growing and changing will ALWAYS piss people off. 

I might be showing them their own fears, and that's not cool.

I get it. 

But I chose to focus on what I know deep down is true to me:

If I were really associating success only to money, I wouldn't have fought through a full year of side hustling, working 80 hours/week to make a total of $12,000 in my first year. Like hello!?

I know deep down the only thing that got me going (and still does) is my purpose. This is what makes me wake up in the morning. 

I also know that the #1 cause preventing you from creating your own reality is... (wait for it...)


If I don't talk about this part of my life, I'm not serving the world and I'm not showing you what's possible for you too. 

So, thanks for your feedback, I acknowledge it.

And I will continue talking about money.

And I will continue giving you hope and inspiration.

And I'm here to show you that whether you are successful or not, some people will be judging.

And What's important is that you do what's best for you

So here it is...

I'm now at $30,000 revenue this month.

Happy mostly for the amazing people committing in their growth and investing to grow their own businesses!

That's what truly sets my soul of fire. Period.

As I'm wrapping up this amazing month, I have only 1 spot left for private coaching. 

I am looking for you who is serious about building your own service-based business, but needs the formula to success. You need someone in your corner guiding you, showing you the way, helping you get that authentic self out of you so that you can SHINE YOUR TRUE LIGHT too. 

I see you, I feel you.

Now, hit the DM button and let's chat right now

Love you so much,

Mimi XO

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