The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing your Life’s Mission

Aug 27, 2020

Oh, what a journey!


When I first started my business, I didn’t even know what coaching was!


All I knew was that I had a mission and a message to share- I wanted people to be Happy on Mondays, it was all about that and I started from that place because I knew what it was like to be unhappy in my own corporate career and to be unhappy on Mondays and to live a purposeless life.


If I would have waited until I knew everything I needed to know, like my “niche” or “what to offer”, it wouldn’t have happened that way. It’s not how it goes. If you want to build a personal brand and want to monetize it, you must start by being crystal clear on what it is that you want to share with the world, what is your message, your mission, what is this thing that you’re obsessed about sharing with the world? How do you want to impact the World?


That is where I started, I didn’t believe in niching down or finding a target market. I still don’t believe in that. So many people get caught up in trying to find out their niche and what happens is they end up being completely lost and they disconnect from their true purpose. I have seen that over and over again. I don’t believe it’s about having a target market; I believe it’s about having a life mission, a message to share, and finding a way to monetize this message through coaching. So coaching is not the end goal or the thing I am selling. I am selling a message, I am selling a movement, I am selling a way of living and I am doing that through coaching.


So, let’s talk about the three simple steps to monetize your life’s mission!


Step 1- Get crystal clear on why do you want to help people? 


Why are you motivated in creating your personal brand/business and putting yourself out there? What is this mission of yours?


It has to start with your own story, your own journey.


There may be something that you went through and now you want to help people overcome and transform?


It’s the time right now to get clear with your Why! That is what I call your life’s mission. 


And if you’re unsure about your Why, you gotta do some soul searching and ask yourself if there was one single thing that I would do every single day and feel motivated to wake up to so that I could share that message, what would that message be? What is it that I am obsessed with and I can talk about non-stop because I believe in this message from the core of my being!


I don’t believe in anything else than something that’s purpose-led and you feel deep down in your core and that to me is your guide to find happiness, not only on Mondays but every single day.


Step 2- Aligning that mission with the right people.


Who are the people that need the transformation you’re providing through your message, your life’s mission? Can you get crystal clear on who those people are? Again, I am not talking about “Niching” here. I am talking about who is this life mission-aligned to, who is this life mission serving? 


Step 3- What is the transformation you can provide?


What is the transformation that you can provide through your message?

How will you help them go from point A to point B?


So, this is your path to monetizing your life mission.


Now if you’re ready to uplevel and ready to live your Happy on Monday’s life, if you are obsessed with personal development, you want to make it your life’s mission and want to generate income and if you’re serious about getting certified as a life coach, then I am taking discovery calls right now for my Happy on Mondays coach certification + business training program.

On these discovery calls, we dive deep into what it is that you DESIRE and we also talk about where you’re right now and what’s the GAP between where you are and where you want to be. Then we’ll explore if the certification is the right program for you.


I’m excited to chat with you soon!





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