Toxic Relationship

Dissecting my toxic relationship and its impact on my business

Nov 23, 2022

You can choose to tune in 🎧 to my energy as you read this.

I’ll tell you right away: I am NOT talking about my ex-husband. He’s awesome and thank god we’ve had a conscious uncoupling process filled with respect for each other.

I’m talking about my relationship with myself. 
The most toxic relationship you can imagine.

The type of relationship where you can’t spend 10 minutes with someone without criticizing them, being triggered by something they’re not doing right or always wishing they were doing more for you.

A relationship based on lack. Lack of trust, lack of unconditional love, lack of respect.

You get the point.

Now here’s where it gets interesting for you entrepreneurs in the room: 

The way it impacted my business is quite fascinating.

In February of 2021, my business hit its highest income month. 

The cash collected that month was the equivalent of what I used to make in an entire year in my corporate job. 

I was obviously thrilled in the moment, but…

Just like when you do something thoughtful for your partner and 10 minutes later they find something to criticize you on…

I automatically went into “let’s find problems” mode.

  • I started thinking about all those clients that we now had to serve and started being afraid they wouldn’t get the results they wanted. 
  • I felt overwhelmed with the amount of touchpoints with the clients and was constantly afraid I was dropping the ball for them. 
  • I started creating more and more video training, just to make sure they would have everything they needed, only to create confusion and even more complexity to my program. 
  • I started second guessing my method, thinking there must have been something wrong because some of my clients weren’t getting the results I was expecting.


The list goes on. You see the point.

I focused on all the things I didn’t want. And it attracted exactly that.

Here’s how this problem is created in our minds:

🤓 *geeky mode activated* 🤓

Between the age of 0 to 7, our mind builds its operating system.

We capture information, create meaning and store this as a new pattern in our mind.

Just like a computer is programmed to execute on certain tasks when we click on different buttons like CTL+ALT+DELETE. 

➡️For example, if you take a flight as a child after having eaten too many candies and experience motion sickness, you will associate flying with feeling sick. This will result in a belief that you will hold your entire life moving forward, even though the reason you felt sick was in fact the candies you had eaten and not the plane ride.

Our mind operates with a reticular activating system that captures information, which is transmitted to neurotransmitters that then activate neural pathways that impact our behaviour.

Ok Mimi, what the hell does that mean!?

That means that stuff that happens in your childhood STILL today has the biggest impact on your life.

➡️Concrete example: When I was 6, I went from kindergarten to 1st grade. After a couple of months, my teacher reached out to my parents to tell them I wasn’t performing well and it seemed like the change of pace was too much of a stretch for me (information captured). This resulted in creating a belief (neural pathway) that I don’t adapt quickly to a new level.

From that point on, my reticular activating system was trained to capture proof that I wasn’t good enough to hold a new level of success to reinforce the story that happened when I was 6.

So coming back to business, I started gathering evidence that backed up this belief: 

For instance, if a client wasn’t showing up to a coaching session on time, I took it as proof that the program wasn’t good enough. 

So instead of continuing my growth towards hiring a team and scaling my business, I self-sabotaged, tried doing it all myself and my revenue came back to the level I had been maintaining with comfort before.


Do you get the point!?


What’s currently blocking you from the revenue goals you have set for yourself is most likely a blind spot of yours.

Something consciously you cannot identify.

Here’s where I come in…

I have a superpower to see through people and I’m a mind geek, so by asking you a few questions I’m able to quickly identify what’s REALLY getting in the way of your success.

If you’re ready to get to the depth of this, I have something for you.

I’m opening my calendar for 5 breakthrough calls next week, completely free of charge.

On this call we’ll dive deep to figure out THE thing that’s holding you back the most.

Spoiler alert: I’m not afraid to ask the real questions.

You’ll come out of this with certainty on what you need to work on to unlock everything for yourself.

Then, if it makes sense to both of us, we’ll explore how we could work together to get you where you truly want to be. 

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