2019 Recap + 2020 Goal-Setting

Feb 18, 2020

I can't believe it.

As I'm sitting here right now typing this away on my keyboard, I'm literally going over all of the incredible things I've accomplished in the last 365 days.

Things I thought were truly, truly impossible.

Like becoming a Master Life and Success Coach + Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT.

Like $200k in sales.

Like working with perfect-fit clients and students.

Like signing up to work with my dream coach.

And now, going into 2020, here's what's on my goal list:

Become a Trainer of Life + Success Coaching, NLP, EFT + Hypnotherapy.

Enrol 200+ students in the Happy on Mondays Coaching Certification Method.

Abstain from alcoholic drinks over the next year.

Read at least 26 books.

Commit to working out 5-6x per week.

Purchase my dream home with my dream husband Pat.

To get these goals, my next-level identity and current container needs to shift.

To do that, I went over a simple and powerful technique that I talked about in this week's Monday Night #REALTALK over in my Facebook Group (the last one of 2019!)

Head on over there now and give it a watch. I promise you'll walk away with some motivation, clarity and confidence as you head into 2020!

Until then...




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