Your thoughts become your reality

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

Isn’t interesting to know that everything we think somewhat becomes our reality!?

After learning all about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the power of our mind, I’ve been truly fascinated by the immense impact our thoughts have on our reality.

Before studying this, I had no clue I had been having destructive behaviors against myself and that I was self-sabotaging every single day. Although I have big dreams and big aspirations for myself, I have been extremely hard on myself and was actually practicing negative self-talk for the longest time.

I was one of those people who always puts herself down for not achieving great success, for not being where I’d love to be. I was constantly having negative self-talk about my look, my progress, my results, comparing myself to others. I wasn’t really kind to myself but didn’t think that had an impact on my life. Well, now I know better!

It’s so easy to get caught up with negativity. It’s like everything around us is trying to drag us down. Watching the news, people-watching on Instagram, people complaining around us, negative competition in the office, whatever it is.

What if we would replace all the negative with positive thoughts!? How would that impact our lives!? How would that improve our success and realities?

Turns out, I now have proof that it would change EVERYTHING. As studied in NLP, our subconscious mind is recording every thought coming through our mind and interpreting it as a command. Therefore, if you think that you are fat and you keep replaying this thought in your head, your subconscious mind will interpret this as a command to act as a fat person. Therefore, you’ll start feeling hungry and will be more interested in eating than exercising as you’ll embody the identity of someone who is fat. Isn’t it fascinating!?

Have you been using negative self-talk to drag yourself down?

Are you sometimes saying “Oh I’m so bad at this…” “I’ve never been good”... “I’ll never get there”?

Have you been judging yourself for not taking action sooner?

Have you been telling yourself there’s something wrong with you…?

Do you often tell yourself you’re not good enough to get to your dreams?



It’s time you stop messing with yourself, messing with your unconscious mind, and time to use this incredible machine that is your mind to your advantage instead!

Here’s what I propose you repeat yourself on a daily basis:

Sending these thoughts to your unconscious mind will allow it to work for you in the background and send you the signals and hints you need to take action and respond to that command in your life.

“Through the dominating thoughts which one permits to remain in the conscious mind, (whether these thoughts be negative or positive is immaterial), the principle of autosuggestion voluntarily reaches the subconscious mind and influences it with these thoughts.” - Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

Knowing this allowed me to take a step back and ask myself: How am I self-sabotaging right now? What behaviours aren’t serving me or my business? I then started thinking of what thoughts would be serving me instead.

As I’m scaling my coaching business and leveling up, I absolutely know the importance of having a strong mindset in order to succeed. Building a business is the biggest act of self-love and self-awareness is key to success. Therefore, I started telling myself positive thoughts every morning and every night. By doing so, I’m speaking directly to my subconscious mind and training myself to succeed.

Let’s get you into action! I suggest you repeat the daily affirmations right when you wake up and right when you go to bed. Let me know how it starts impacting your life!

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