The Identity Shift: It’s Time To Own Your Power

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Well, let's just say last night was a wild Monday Night #realtalk.

I talked on a subject that most people in the online world aren't willing to talk about..

Which is the identity shift of a new coach, and the following identity shifts that happen after that (plus, the pitfalls where most people tend to get stuck - which is why they struggle to reach the next level in their life and business, even when they're seemingly doing "all the right things")

Here's the first two stages of the "identity journey" I talked about, but trust me.. this is just the tip of the iceberg - you're definitely going to want to grab yourself a notebook, your favourite pen and get cozy with me as I drop a lot of #realtalk ...

Stage 1: Calling Yourself a Coach

Struggling to own your "title" as a coach, scared to put yourself out there for fear of judgement from colleages, friends or family.. or worse, you've got a lot of inner dialogue along the lines of..


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The courage to put yourself out there...

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

It's clearly the most common fear out there for new entrepreneurs.

Getting your face on social media is quite a big deal!!!

And although you might be seeing me show up online all the time and you're like:

"Mimi! It seems so easy for you! It's "natural" for you."

It sure wasn't easy for me either. Hello! I am human just like you.

It's funny because I've been practicing this muscle for the last 2 years now and I almost forgot what it's like when you are just starting out. 

But I've been digging into the archives to analyze the journey I've been on...

As a fun exercise, I wanted to check out my very first video and for some reason, I can't find it. 

I think I was so ashamed of how awkward it was that I decided to delete it...lol

It was a video of me explaining how I learned to put contact lenses on...lol how relevant haha!

But, I've found some pretty good ones in the early stages of my business and I really want you to check them out to see the evolution between Feb 2018 and...

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It's okay if it's difficult...

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Hear me out this morning. 

If you are abandoning everything you're doing when it gets hard...


You are supposed to suffer when you grow. 

It is okay if it's not "flowy" and "easy" and "effortless"!


Wow, aren't we good to tell ourselves bullshit excuses!?

Am I right!?

Nothing that you desire that you don't already have will come easy.

If it's so "natural" for you right now it means that you aren't stretching yourself enough.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to tell the world this morning! 

I want to let you know that it hasn't been easy to get to where I am right now. 

And I know damn well it won't be easy to get to where I'm heading. 


It's SIMPLE though. 

Almost too simple. 

But so damn hard. 

The strategies are freaking easy to follow.

There's a step-by-step process.

With easy baby steps. 

Which combined brings enormous...

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Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Seriously... I'm shocked.

$100,000 in revenue in 5 months and 28 days.

It's crazy what can happen in just a few months when you put an intention out into the world.

In January 2019 I still had a job.

I was trying to build my coaching business but had no consistency in revenue.

I was desperate to go full-time on Happy on Mondays, but the truth is I didn't really believe in myself enough to make the jump.

I was scared shitless... Not even afraid to say it ‍.

I've been so used to receiving paychecks every 2 weeks. It's like I didn't think it was possible to replace my $100,000/year salary with my business.

I was playing with Excel spreadsheets, trying to make the math work.

What I didn't know at that time is that the ingredient missing was actually my MINDSET.

I had to start seeing myself as a successful coach to become one, you know what I mean?

But shit, how the hell is that possible when you are literally just starting out!? (more on that topic below)

Does any of...

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Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Oh Hello September!

I'm so fired up this morning because it's Back-to-School and there are 4 months left to 2019!

I remember this feeling so clearly. 

Back to reality after summer months. 

You know that feeling of going back to a routine that makes you sick in your stomach? Am I right?

Your boss is back from vacation, meetings are back-to-back in your calendar...

You're feeling hopeless, that's the reality you created for yourself.

Well, spoiler alert: you can change that and you don't have to wait until 2020. 

2019 is YOUR year to get into ACTION. 

Do you desire to be your own boss?

Are you sick and tired of not knowing where to start?

Do you have a business idea, but you're unsure HOW to make it happen?

Then, check out my 5 simple steps to get started right now:


STEP 1: Figure out what lights you up!

Building a business should start from there. 

I can guarantee you that if it doesn't set your soul on fire, you might not stick to it as...

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How to start believing in yourself

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Where do big ideas and dreams come from?

It all starts from that 1 spark inside of you.  

This idea…

This desire for more…

Why do we tend to shut down those ideas for years?

We carry around that strong feeling, but we never act on it because we hope it might disappear with time. 

Tell me, did this feeling disappear or did it grew even bigger and bigger as the years went by?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought… 

This feeling grew inside of me for 6 years.

I would drive my car, listen to music and sing as loudly as I could feel like there was something so much bigger in front of me. 

I would start noticing all those entrepreneurs making it happen for themselves and think to myself, why can’t I do it?

There was a fire in my belly that just wouldn’t stop burning. In fact, it grew bigger and bigger.

Until the compound effect of years in corporate chasing, the sun left me drained and meaningless. 

It suddenly hit me. It...

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The lies you tell yourself when starting a business...

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

The stories you tell yourself...

Wow, I've had many conversations with people thinking of starting a business. 

I've heard them all!

There are so many stories you're telling yourself.

These are all excuses preventing you from just starting!

Here's what I mean by stories:

  1. "I need funding in order to start a business" (Damn I'd be scared too )
  2. "I need to quit my job in order to get started" (Wait, What!?)
  3. "I need to hire a web designer for my website" 
  4. "I need to wait until I have THE perfect business idea"
  5. "I need a business plan" (LOL what is that!? )
  6. "I need a diploma/certification/experience first"


Wow... No wonder you're still in status quo. 

As you know, I'm all about helping you create your own reality.

This why I've recorded a video to prove to you that these stories are all lies you tell yourself. 


Let me dissect each one of these stories for you RIGHT HERE.

#1 Funding is absolutely not needed to get started. I'd much rather see...

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Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

I spent last weekend reflecting on July's Happy on Mondays business results...

And my only thought was: Holly shit! What the hell happened!?

How is this even possible!? Doubling my monthly income in a 30 days... 

From consistent $15K months to $30K month. 

Like... HOW!?

Modelling success is what I teach my students.

I knew I had to figure out exactly what I did so that my students can benefit from following my foot steps.

I focused on reverse engineering the exact actions I took and realized my activities remained pretty much the same, with exception of jumping on more discovery calls with potential clients. 

After reflecting, I realized there's only 1 thing that truly changed this month...

Do you know what this shift was?

*Hint: it has nothing to do with strategy. 

You can already guess it was a question of mindset, don't you?


I stepped fully into my business owner mindset and...


Okay Mimi, what is this non-sense...

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When success is terrifying!

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Well that didn't go as planned

Ok, I'll go straight to the punch line:

I shared about my success and it backfired


Apparently sharing about my monthly revenues pissed some people off. ‍

Let me share a little more about why that happened:

I played small for most of my life, is that also your case?

Afraid to "change", by fear of not pleasing others.

Terrified of my own success.

Does that sound familiar?

I knew that changes were inevitable in order to succeed and that scared the **** out of me. 

Are you afraid of what success will look like for you?

How will your life transform?

What will people around you think?

Will you have to change your identity?

Basically, will your entire world change because of success?

Is success actually exciting or scary (or both)?

When I started Happy on Mondays, people around me thought I had a "cute" project.

They thought I was hippie (and probably crazy) for leaving my high paying job for no security. 


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Your thoughts become your reality

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

Isn’t interesting to know that everything we think somewhat becomes our reality!?

After learning all about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the power of our mind, I’ve been truly fascinated by the immense impact our thoughts have on our reality.

Before studying this, I had no clue I had been having destructive behaviors against myself and that I was self-sabotaging every single day. Although I have big dreams and big aspirations for myself, I have been extremely hard on myself and was actually practicing negative self-talk for the longest time.

I was one of those people who always puts herself down for not achieving great success, for not being where I’d love to be. I was constantly having negative self-talk about my look, my progress, my results, comparing myself to others. I wasn’t really kind to myself but didn’t think that had an impact on my life. Well, now I know better!

It’s so easy to get caught up with negativity. It’s like...

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