The lies you tell yourself when starting a business...

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

The stories you tell yourself...

Wow, I've had many conversations with people thinking of starting a business. 

I've heard them all!

There are so many stories you're telling yourself.

These are all excuses preventing you from just starting!

Here's what I mean by stories:

  1. "I need funding in order to start a business" (Damn I'd be scared too )
  2. "I need to quit my job in order to get started" (Wait, What!?)
  3. "I need to hire a web designer for my website" 
  4. "I need to wait until I have THE perfect business idea"
  5. "I need a business plan" (LOL what is that!? )
  6. "I need a diploma/certification/experience first"


Wow... No wonder you're still in status quo. 

As you know, I'm all about helping you create your own reality.

This why I've recorded a video to prove to you that these stories are all lies you tell yourself. 


Let me dissect each one of these stories for you RIGHT HERE.

#1 Funding is absolutely not needed to get started. I'd much rather see...

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Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

I spent last weekend reflecting on July's Happy on Mondays business results...

And my only thought was: Holly shit! What the hell happened!?

How is this even possible!? Doubling my monthly income in a 30 days... 

From consistent $15K months to $30K month. 

Like... HOW!?

Modelling success is what I teach my students.

I knew I had to figure out exactly what I did so that my students can benefit from following my foot steps.

I focused on reverse engineering the exact actions I took and realized my activities remained pretty much the same, with exception of jumping on more discovery calls with potential clients. 

After reflecting, I realized there's only 1 thing that truly changed this month...

Do you know what this shift was?

*Hint: it has nothing to do with strategy. 

You can already guess it was a question of mindset, don't you?


I stepped fully into my business owner mindset and...


Okay Mimi, what is this non-sense...

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When success is terrifying!

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Well that didn't go as planned

Ok, I'll go straight to the punch line:

I shared about my success and it backfired


Apparently sharing about my monthly revenues pissed some people off. ‍

Let me share a little more about why that happened:

I played small for most of my life, is that also your case?

Afraid to "change", by fear of not pleasing others.

Terrified of my own success.

Does that sound familiar?

I knew that changes were inevitable in order to succeed and that scared the **** out of me. 

Are you afraid of what success will look like for you?

How will your life transform?

What will people around you think?

Will you have to change your identity?

Basically, will your entire world change because of success?

Is success actually exciting or scary (or both)?

When I started Happy on Mondays, people around me thought I had a "cute" project.

They thought I was hippie (and probably crazy) for leaving my high paying job for no security. 


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Your thoughts become your reality

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

Isn’t interesting to know that everything we think somewhat becomes our reality!?

After learning all about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the power of our mind, I’ve been truly fascinated by the immense impact our thoughts have on our reality.

Before studying this, I had no clue I had been having destructive behaviors against myself and that I was self-sabotaging every single day. Although I have big dreams and big aspirations for myself, I have been extremely hard on myself and was actually practicing negative self-talk for the longest time.

I was one of those people who always puts herself down for not achieving great success, for not being where I’d love to be. I was constantly having negative self-talk about my look, my progress, my results, comparing myself to others. I wasn’t really kind to myself but didn’t think that had an impact on my life. Well, now I know better!

It’s so easy to get caught up with negativity. It’s like...

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Why coaching is the best work on EARTH!

Uncategorized May 14, 2019

Actually, coaching is not a job for me. Coaching is the best way to serve the world and spend time helping people, by being YOU and getting rewarded for your beautiful gifts. I swear I’ve never felt in such alignment with my purpose.

As a coach, you get to help people every day to achieve their dreams. You get to work from anywhere on your laptop, have TOTAL freedom on your days, skip the commute, get paid premium prices for little time investment and change the world one client at a time. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend my days.

If you’re looking to create a life where work doesn’t feel like work, coaching is your way to true fulfillment.

I used to be the person listening to my colleagues, being there for them, giving them the courage to act according to their dreams, pushing them to aim for more and get what they really want out of life. I helped them get raises, have tough conversations with their boss and be bold with their ask. I was...

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The messy, imperfect journey

Uncategorized May 07, 2019

In August 2017, I purchased a domain and was convinced I had found the mission that was going to fuel my company. No, the domain wasn’t Happyonmondays.com…

I had had a “ahah moment” while running on Canal Lachine in Montreal. I was running 5 to 10 kilometers by myself almost every other day to get my exercise done for the week. I was finding it hard to get my motivation to go run outside as if I was looking for a purpose to be able to run longer and push myself even more.

One day, as I was running after work, I started thinking about a family member that was suffering from cancer and it gave me an extra dose of motivation to get going and push myself even further. I knew this run had been dedicated to this person and I noticed the incredible energy that had fuelled my body to push through the pain and get this 10K done. In this precise moment, I realized the power of purpose for anything I wanted to accomplish.

That’s also around the same time when...

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You must first change at the identity level if you want to change your life!

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

Can someone tell me why we are thought that changing is a bad thing!?

It is so strange to me that everyone says: “Don’t ever change, you are incredible just the way you are!”.

Why are we so afraid of change!? Why are we so resistant to seeing our friends change? We should be happy to change, we should encourage it and celebrate it. Yet, we are trying to keep ourselves at the same level we have always been to protect some type of identity we created for ourselves.

What if I would tell you that you must absolutely change if you want to accomplish any goal, dreams, and vision for yourself. If you haven’t been able to achieve this at this point, it means that you must be a different person, act in a different way and behave differently.

Isn’t obvious that how you did things in the past, won’t lead you to where you are heading? You must think in a different way to achieve your dream, you must be a different person, my dear.

Here’s something you...

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Are you busy? Let’s change that.

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2019


I’ve been noticing lately how everyone seems to be busy. You meet someone on the street and ask them how they’re doing and the answer 95% of the time is: I’m great, things are pretty busy, but I’m good.

I used to think it was a good thing to be busy! No time to be bored and always in the action. Yet, I realized not too long ago how that behavior was actually preventing me from hitting my goals, big time!

I feel like our generation is making a huge mistake thinking that being busy is THE goal.

My business coach was the one making me switch my mindset. After speaking with him the first time, he told me I needed to make an audit of everything I was doing in a day. I should be tracking how I’m spending my time to understand where I’m losing time and focus.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as minimalism in business, but I was completely caught off guard with this concept. We mapped out all of the initiatives I was doing and started...

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How to find your expertise, when you feel like no expert.

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

It’s good to have you here…

I’ve been wanting to reach out and tell you these words that you are about to read… I see we are synced

You’ve been feeling like there’s more in life, that you should start something of your own and finally get the courage to put yourself out there. Yet, as soon as that thought pops up in your mind, you also feel like a complete impostor, because you’re not an expert in anything, so why would you be able to start a business of your own!?

Oh god, I know that feeling! We are so fast at judging ourselves and playing small…

I know you’ve been working for quite a while now, you’ve seen the ups and downs of the corporate life and you definitely lost your passion for it. Some days it feels so empty! You are on autopilot, doing the work that is expected from you, without feeling truly invested, because truthfully you don’t care that much.

Well, let me tell you something today that might...

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When you’re called to do so much more

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2019

Hey you

I know what you’re thinking right now, sitting at your desk, getting annoyed at the stupidity of some of the tasks you are forced to do as an employee. You’re looking at the next day, next week, next month and nothing feels exciting...like nothing. You’re thinking to yourself, is that all that life is!?

You’ve climbed the steps, you’ve invested years of your life giving your all for companies, waiting for your return to come, yet nothing has come close to bring you real satisfaction. You just feel there’s something major missing...

You keep having to put off fires, deal with all of the negativity, the drama of the office and sometimes you feel like taking your bags and leaving. You’re so tired of that bullshit. You give your heart and soul to a job and you don’t get the outcome you’re expecting, the promotion, raise, the recognition. Is this really what life is all about!?

You have to deal with a boss that is overworked...

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