The Happy on Mondays Method

Step into the version of you who has it all.

Get Certified with a Board Accredited Program.

Quantum Leap into a wildly successful coaching business


 I get it... I really do.

You want it all.

You're an all-in type of human.

If there was a way for you to fully step into your power, become the most vibrant + energetic version of yourself and attract Quantum Leap Success in your business...

Would you finally be unapologetic and go for it?

Are you ready to raise your vibrations, live and breathe the Powerful Coach Identity you crave and attract wealth with ease?

It's your turn to be recognized as the Energetic Powerhouse that has it all, cauz let's be #real: You're not a basic coach. Oh hell no.

Are you ready to have it all?

Here's why anything else than a OH HELL YES! is costing you:

Every day, people just like you, are shining online, skyrocketing their online coaching business, capitalizing on their magnetic energy and going through a QUANTUM LEAP with their life.

Question is: What are you waiting for?

And whether you've been scrolling and watching these coaches make it seem so effortless (or you've downloaded all the freebies to try and crack the code), your answer to this question will determine greatly the future of your coaching business.


Because if you know the signal keeps getting louder and louder in your heart and everyday you're wasting your full potential...


And you're scrolling your feed everyday for hours... Watching other people have wild success with their business. Trying to grasp how they did it... And all you're really doing is consuming people's content without making any progress in your own business...


Then keep reading.


Because what I'm about to share with you could EASILY be the "ahah moment" you've been waiting for.


The one you look back on a few months from now, when you're officially certified as a Life & Success Coach and you check out your LinkedIn profile and realize another post just went viral, Hello Thought Leadership πŸ‘‹πŸ», your calendar is filled with discovery calls with dream clients and and you're doing a happy dance in your living room because you just hit your monthly income goal in your biz!

Woop Woop πŸŽ‰




Your alarm goes off at 6:30am, you LOVE mornings, it's your time to work out, meditate, sip your coffee while journaling... Yep, you're off to a great start! 
You get sucked into scrolling your feed fascinated by this online coach you're following. "She's so inspiring and vibrant and her branding is on point". She has a webinar that you obviously sign up for, like hello free training!


You can almost hear the crickets on your last post and you wonder: "What am I doing wrong?" 
You let it slip, again. Continuing your scrolling in search for inspiration and truthfully THE formula to success
And you get sucked into participating to every single webinar, looking for answers when all you really want is to coach clients. You just don't know what structure will allow you to help people in the world, while getting paid your worth.
You've done so much work on yourself, you're obsessed with personal development books, meditation and learning about mindset practices.
You wonder...What will it take for you to truly live a wealthy life out of your passion? What are you not seeing yet?


As 6pm rolls around... What a Day πŸ˜…You start cooking dinner while listening to your favourite podcast. Your heart ponding... you're getting antsy. You feel a bit all over the place and you reflect on the day, not knowing if you really moved the needle in your business...


You open a bottle, enjoy a well deserved glass of wine and start watching your favourite Netflix show. Maybe relaxing will bring you the answers you're looking for...


Next thing you know, it's 10:30pm: Time to call it a night. 
You set your alarm back for 6:30am, convincing yourself that tomorrow you'll have the energy to post a video on social media and start that blog.


That's right, you've just spent another day dimming your light and hiding behind your computer. You go to bed knowing that something MUST change.
You're so done playing small.


With the fire in your belly, your inner knowing that this is your life's purpose. Isn't it time that you step up and take up the space that is yours to take?

You deserve to be freaking magnetic and attract wealth

And literally jump out of bed on Monday mornings, excited about recording another one of your viral videos

You deserve to step into your Next Level Self

And allow yourself to vibrate at another level. Owning your true power, your true spirit. You deserve to be VISIBLE.

You deserve to be the Thought Leader you're meant to be...

And be receiving LinkedIn messages from people that recognize your expertise, want to work with you or inviting you to speak at events.

But first...

Here are the 4 reasons why you're feeling stuck right now, not getting the results you're looking for and not yet being the version of you who has it all:

Let's be #real. Not knowing exactly where you're going is like opening your GPS without specifying where you're heading. No wonder you're turning around in circle in your living room 🀷🏻‍♀️.

πŸ’«Let me ask you this: Are you allowing yourself to affirm what you want with your business?

Or is there a part of you that is afraid to even say it out loud because it's bigger than you've ever considered.

πŸ’«You might come from a traditional background, where the biggest accomplishment was to climb the steps in a corporation and "make it" to the top. Which traditionally meant making $100,000 and living in a house with kids and a dog.

Yet you know deep down in your soul you're meant for something extraordinary, something way bigger and brighter than this. 

I get it.

And this is what led you on this journey of soul searching, looking for answers.

And eventually led you to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Trust me, allowing yourself to Claim and Own what you truly desire is key, and believe me when I say you need to surround yourself with people who get it.

The only way you can truly step into the version of you who has it all is through an online certification program - where you'll be surrounded by people who get it and help you Claim your deepest desires and Step into the version of you who Attracts it.

Being unapologetic about your desires is a must to step fully into your new Powerful Coach identity.

Keeping it #real again...

I know you're telling yourself you'll be confident once you've had enough clients, enough testimonial, enough monthly revenue...

Here's the real deal:

It's not a  HAVE - DO - BE process πŸ™…πŸ»‍♀️

It's a  BE - DO - HAVE process πŸ”₯

You gotta BE the successful coach by showing up from that place, making decisions from that identity.

Then, you'll DO what a successful coach would do and show up with power online.

And only then, you'll HAVE all the clients, the success, the fulfilment. 


What would be possible for you if you fully stepped into the version of you who has it all?

How would you be showing up differently?

What energy would you bring in your business?

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel that confidence right now, to radiate success and wealth now? 

The only way you'll be successful is by believing that you will.

It all comes down to reprogramming your mind for success first, being your own best client and embodying the most vibrant version of yourself.

BEing that coach, that takes those ACTION and GETS those results.

Okay... another #real one.

You're in analysis paralysis, AKA too much scrolling social media and overthinking this. 

πŸ’«You're telling yourself you're way too introvert to put yourself out there. Or you're looking for the "perfect" way to start your online presence.

The thing is you've spent your life being told "you need to put yourself out there more" - Yet, no one ever told you HOW and you never had the chance to practice in a safe space.

πŸ’«You have no clue of how to start using Social Media to actually promote your services all of a sudden.

Social Media is a tool that can be learned. You simply haven't learned how to use it for your business yet. 

The only way to Thrive on social media is by harnessing your unique gifts as a Coach and leverage your unique story and energy to create content from a place of passion and purpose.

And, learning how to show up on social media is just like riding a bike. You learn it once, then you're good to ride for years!

And the real question is: What are you trying to protect yourself from?

How have you failed to be VISIBLE for your business?


And my last #real reason...

You just don't feel like you know 100% what you're doing as a coach.

Like are you actually able to deliver transformational sessions?

Is your work really impacting your client's lives?

Are you having the impact you truly want?

Gahhhh! You are NOT meant to be an average coach. You're meant to be the best at what you do. 

And you won't settle for anything less than Excellence.

That's just who you are and what you've been all your life. You're all-in. You want it all. 

The only way you'll truly feel confident in your coaching skills is by being your first client and experiencing it on yourself first.

Then, you gotta be a life-long learner and master powerful coaching techniques that facilitate magical results. You gotta walk the talk you know?

The Good news is...

Becoming this Vibrant Certified Coach that Magnetizes Success with ease is now closer than ever. If you're reading this you already know that stepping into the identity of a Successful Coach is critical to your success! But, maybe you didn't know that by mastering the Happy on Mondays business principles I'm about to share with you, you'll also have the power to:

Allow your true authentic self to shine online...

By leveraging your unique story to market your services authentically.

Build a simple business system...

That allows you to sign new coaching clients on repeat so you can follow a structure that works!

Expand your knowledge...

To match the level of transformation you are called to facilitate in this world through your work. 

Claim the abundance you crave...

By raising your vibrations and match the level of income beyond your wildest dreams!

Wake up on Monday mornings...

With more energy than ever in your life, owning your power and feeling HIGH ON LIFE.

Feel confident coaching...

Knowing that the work you are able to facilitate is TRANSFORMATIONAL and worth thousands.

Show up on Social Media...

With ease. Knowing that your message is worth sharing. Like seriously enjoying content creation as your art!

Quantum Leap your Results...

And become this Inspirational Coach that everyone looks up to, because it's already you and you know it.


Real people, Real Results

Eirin Holmeide, Wealth Coach

Meet Eirin, a project Manager turned Coach, passionate about investment and finance that decided to build her coaching business to help women transform their relationship with money.


"It's been better than I could imagine. I'm only halfway through the program and I already signed 2 high ticket clients. She helped me get to the next level and release from the limiting beliefs that I had. I highly recommend working with her, it's the best investment!"

Mel Tranter, Wellness Coach

Meet Mel, a super mom with 2 beautiful kids that said YES to her dream career as a coach


"I've already signed my first paying client, created my signature program and booked a speaking engagement - this program is value-packed with knowledge, energy and resources, literally everything you could ever want and more, it's unbelievable!"

Melanie Waltky, Career Educator

Meet Mel, a career advisor at McGill University, passionate about entrepreneurship and side-hustling, that decided to follow her heart and grow a career coaching side business.


"I looked forward to talking with Mimi every week! She gave me space to work through some of the issues I had to work through. She goes above and beyond for all of her clients. This program really set up the foundation for me, I have a business now! I have been invited to a speaking engagement, I had my first sales call, I feel so confident! I would 100% recommend this program to anyone!"

You want it all? Here's how it's done:


You'll start with the SHINE Experience. This will allow you to get truly visible online and step into your magnetic Coaching Identity. You'll experience the power of coaching on yourself first by being your own best client.


You'll start attracting paying client through a simple system provided in the Get Paid Challenge. This will allow you to quickly bring abundance into your business while you're studying for the certification.


You'll then dive into the certification material where you'll master transformational coaching techniques. Mastering your craft is where true excellence lies.


Then you'll be ready to RISE your coaching business to 10K months and beyond. You'll dive into the simple business system to follow, how to raise your prices, create an email list & fill up your calendar with Discovery Calls each month.


This certification program is like no other one. 

This is a combination of 120-Hour Certification Program, a Mindset Embodiment Bootcamp & Business Group Coaching. As I said, I know what it’s like to Want It All.

You’ll be asked to show up for your business & your dreams. You’ll be challenged to step into your Next Level Self.

You'll be guided into your most Energetic Self, because I'm the living proof that Energy Attracts Energy.

You can expect to experience the power of Dance Parties, mixed with Quantum Physics, NLP and Massive Action Taking. 

Let me show you how it's done in this Unique Experience.

You'll experience the Magic of the work you'll be able to facilitate through this certification on yourself first. 

Being your own first client is absolutely key to embodying the Magnetic Certified Coach identity & truly owning your powers online.

Shine will help you recode your identity to Quantum Leap your results (2-10X) and become the most vibrant version of yourself.

As you shine online, you'll learn how to attract aligned clients through an easy formula called The Get Paid Challenge.

The name says it all, we want you to monetize your business right away so that you can practice what you're learning through the certification process. 

We believe that the best way to learn is through practice. 

You'll learn transformational coaching techniques that actually gets people results. You'll learn the power of NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Life Coaching and T.I.M.E. Techniques in 4 powerful ways:

  1. You'll learn the theory.
  2. You'll learn how it's used in a 1-on-1 setting
  3. You'll learn how it's used in a group setting
  4. You'll learn by practicing with other students

This will make you a MASTER at your craft.

And the final pillar of this program is called RISE. This is where you learn how to create a signature High Ticket program that gets people results. 

You'll learn the systems to use to build an email list, facilitate free trainings that converts into clients and content that magnetize the right people to you.

You'll learn how you can book discovery calls on repeat, convert those into paying clients and celebrate 10K months!

Let's Get You To Have it all...

This is a Value Packed Certification program with everything you need to become THE Coach you've always dreamed of being, the one who has it all and truly shines online.

If you've been in analysis paralysis in the past, stuck in the Shiny Object Syndrome, it's about to change with this clear path to success. The unique path, your unique path, because deep down inside of you, you know. Don't you!?

*SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: Feeling Happy on Mondays.




Learn how to stand out as an expert in your field and learn how to help your clients get clear on what they want in their life and help them execute on a plan to achieve their desired outcomes. Get the tools to create lasting results with your clients.

Be recognized as a powerful coach that gets people’s incredible results, feel the fulfilment of impacting people’s lives while getting paid for your worth to do work that truly fulfils you.



NLP training is the quickest and most effective way to gain total conscious and unconscious control of the results in your life. You’ll learn how to use all the NLP Practitioner level tools to use in your coaching business as well as in your own life and with your family and friends. 

You'll discover the inner-workings of both the conscious and subconscious minds, and will master the use of the Practitioner techniques of NLP which will allow you to help people on so many levels: increasing their confidence, embodying their successful identity, increase their motivation and results, let go of negative patterns and habits, etc. You’ll learn that we are all responsible for our reality and will now have the tools to understand your mind and your client’s mind at another level.



Learn powerful techniques for communicating directly with the subconscious minds of others and yourself in order to imprint a new way of being and thinking and change your life and the lives of your clients in one single session. Hypnosis has incredible results in many areas like weight loss, quitting smoking or stepping into a successful identity. 

You'll be able to use these hypnotic principles in everyday conversations, so that you can be more influential and persuasive in sessions, in your relationships, and even in sales situations.



T.I.M.E. Techniques™ is one of the most powerful set of NLP techniques. If you or your clients are dealing with negative emotions or limiting beliefs, T.I.M.E. Techniques will allow you to release from them so you can live a more empowered life.  They are used to instantly eliminate all negative emotions, release limiting beliefs, undo past decisions, banish the effects of fears and phobias and completely eliminate the emotions of guilt and anxiety. 

T.I.M.E. stands for Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment. It is also used to install goals into the future.



EFT™ — sometimes referred to as Energy Tapping — is a revolutionary set of techniques designed to balance the energy system of the body, removing the effects of negative emotions. It will allow you to have tools to better manage your energy and create higher vibrations within your body. EFT is based on the same scientifically proven principles as acupuncture, but is accessible to use and can be done on our own bodies.


You will receive personalized 1:1 support (Valued at $1,500)

You will get personalized support by our NLP Certified Customer Success Coach for 6 months. You will be fully supported as you become a certified Happy on Mondays Coach. 

Board Accredited Certification

This training is an approved training by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners for Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, TIME Techniques, and Life and Success Coaching.

We are currently in the works of getting the Happy on Mondays Method recognized for Continuing Education credits by the International Coaching Federation. Those who enroll before this process is approved, will be "grandfathered" in. 

Let's dive into each Bonus in details!

By now you know the only thing standing between you and your dream successful coaching business is to take action in becoming a Happy on Mondays Certified Coach.

So, if you're ready, I look forward to partnering with you, as you commit to becoming a certified Coach, and finally step into your Magnetic Self, the one that has it all.

Meet the amazing humans who are already building their Happy on Mondays Life.

Are you ready to become a 2020 success story?

Still not sure if you should join?

If you've read this far, that means... you haven't taken action yet and are clearly having a challenging time deciding whether this is right for you.

Here are 6 ways to know you are ready to become a Happy on Mondays Certified Coach...

  1.  You’re ready to become a STAND OUT Coach You’ve been growing your business, you know you have it in you, yet you haven’t gotten the results you are hoping for.
    You already have the passion and dedication, now what you need is to learn to master your own mindset to get out of your own way. You need to learn to be visible and own your true power.
  2. You're ready to get out of your own way and forgive yourself for not having the results you’re hoping for yet. 
    There's no point thinking of what could have been if you did it earlier, and know that there’s no better time than right now to act on it and join us.

  3. Yep. You've had the wakeup call. When the signal keeps getting louder and louder in your heart, it means that it’s time that you take the situation into your hand and get out of your own way with the right support. You are ready to take up space, follow a proven structure and Quantum Leap your results. 
    Time to upgrade your identity and be surrounded by people who will keep you accountable, now you've found your tribe.

  4. You're aware of the incredible Legacy you'll leave on earth, once you become a Happy on Mondays Certified Coach. This knowledge has the power of allowing you to go all-in with your dreams and pushing yourself to create a purpose-full ripple effect around you.

  5. You're excited about becoming a certified Happy on Mondays Coach. You are a life-long learner and you desire to truly stand out by adding the tools that will allow you to feel confident in the services you provide your clients. You are fascinated by the power of personal development to transform lives.
  6. You feel confident jumping in to join us now, knowing your life is about to completely transform by joining the Happy on Mondays Method and Quantum Leap your coaching business results.

πŸ‘‹πŸ»I’m Mimi.

I’m here to help you discover all that is possible for you, unlock your fullest potential and create your Happy Mondays. 
I’m convinced that we all have a purpose to pursue, that there’s a fire inside of us meant to be ignited. I believe in the power of our thoughts to create our reality. 
The world would be a better place if we were all doing work that doesn’t feel like work. I’ve learned that you can get paid just to be you. When you learn how to reprogram your mind for success and start embodying your magnetic identity, your potential is truly limitless. 
All that you desire is already yours. It’s simply a matter of taking the actions to make it your reality. 
I’m on your journey to support you. 


Have you been daydreaming of monetizing your passion of empowering people but you aren’t quite sure how you’ll build the systems and market yourself effectively?


One week after going full-time entrepreneur, I made $10K in one single week. Since then, my revenues keep going up month over month hitting multiple 5-figure months consistently using this exact method. 


I helped my clients leave their job and replace their full-time income in just a few weeks. 


I helped clients redesign their business model to allow them more freedom and to actually enjoy their entrepreneurial journey. They ended up selling their business for over $200,000 and building a new business altogether. 


I helped clients attract speaking engagements, grow their personal brand online and start attracting opportunities for their business.


I was courageous enough to ask myself: "If I stay in status quo, in 10 years from now how will I feel?" WOAH… That was an eye opener for me. It was at that moment I knew it was time for a big change. I followed my gut and took action on my dreams.


I took that first step, made a huge investment in myself and declared out loud "I’m going to make success inevitable, focus on PLAN A and ditch any possible plan B”. 


I believe you’re here, reading this for a reason. You’re here because you’re ready to take that step. You’re ready to stop wondering, and start doing something that you absolutely love. You never want to look back, 10 years from now, and think “What if had I tried?".


I’ve been sent here to help you see your own light, build your own freedom, and help you become the truest expression of yourself. Let's make this happen for you!


-Mimi XO

Join The Happy on Mondays Method and get certified as a:

Life & Success Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, TIME Technique Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist


Q: I’m based outside of Canada. Can I Take This Training Entirely Online? I Want To Do The Entire Training From The Comfort of My Home.

A:  Absolutely! We’ve designed this training so you can become Certified in NLP, EFT Life and Success Coaching, Hypnosis and TIME Techniques from anywhere in the world. Once you sign up you get INSTANT access to the Certification Material and all bonuses included in this program. You can watch the trainings, get access to the support and group coaching calls with Mimi.


Q: So I’m Signing Up…What Happens Next?

A:  As soon as you sign up, you’ll get INSTANT access to the online portal that is FILLED with the trainings, bonus courses, hypnosis audios, and so many incredible things to help you build the life and business of your dreams. You’ll get an email with your log in (make sure to check your inbox and save us to SAFE so you receive all of our updates). You’ll also receive an onboarding email where you’ll be invited to our private community with incredible coaches, and service-based business owners who you can gain support from, become accountability partners with, and make new friendships. You’ll get access to the schedule with group coaching calls with Mimi to help you build your business, attract clients and go deeper with these powerful techniques.


Q: I really want to do this, but I’m looking for the money.

A: We’ve made it easy to get started with monthly payment plans that allow you to start diving into the content, building your business, attracting clients and easily generate income in your business to help pay the monthly payments. Also, have you heard of Paypal Credit? You can apply for Paypal credit and use financing to get started in the program to learn these incredible tools, and get started getting paid to help people.  Learn more about Paypal Credit here.


Q: What is included in the group coaching calls with Mimi? What kind of support do we get?

A:  We are here to support you every step of the way, which is why we offer additional group coaching calls that you can attend.
There are 2 types of coaching calls we are hosting:
Facilitation Calls:
Wondering how you’re going to get the chance to use these powerful tools, and get some practice before you start working with real clients? In these facilitation calls, we give you the opportunity to practice the techniques with another practicing HAPPY ON MONDAYS METHOD coach, get the opportunity to observe others in an intimate session, and along with Mimi you get to discuss how the techniques can be used to support your clients. You will gain a deep understanding of NLP. EFT, TIME, and Coaching in these sessions and the techniques will become intuitive for you. You’ll be confident using them with your clients.
Business Coaching Calls:
We have shown coaches all over the world to go from zero, with no coaching business, (and even no idea of where to start) all the way to attracting and closing their high ticket clients (upwards of $3,000 to $10,000). This is for the coach, aspiring coach or service-based entrepreneur who wants to level up your business, charge your worth, share your story, and create a massive transformation in people’s lives all over the world.
We offer these calls at a variety of different times so that no matter which time zone you’re in, you’ll be able to attend the calls in your day time. We have coaches in the HAPPY ON MONDAYS METHOD from all over the world- Japan, UK, South Africa, United States, Canada and more! The calls are also recorded, so you are never missing out. 


Q: I’m Super Busy Right Now, What If I Don’t Have Time To Do The Course Right Now?

A: Busy? Then this is perfect for you if you’re trying to grow your business at your own pace. You can take the content on your own schedule- You could finish as quickly as 3 months, or take as long as you like if you are balancing other projects. You will get 6 months of 1-on-1 support with our Customer Success Coach to help you get certified in the next 6 months. All the resources shared will allow you to save so much time as you won’t have to figure everything out on your own. You also get lifetime access to the content, plenty of online support available in our private community across every single time zone, you can watch and rewatch as many times as you need and you have lifetime access to the content.


Q: Is this only for Professionals that want to become Coaches and Consultants?

A: Excellent question. I believe that if you have a mind and a desire you grow a business, you need to be in this training. Why? Because I’ll be teaching you powerful recognized tools that helped me unlock a complete new level in my life and business. I'm living proof of the impact these tools can have on you. I’ll be teaching you NLP, the programming language of your mind. Very few people are aware of what I’m about to teach you, which is why so many people don’t achieve what they want, get stuck in patterns of the same old behaviors, and can’t make change stick. They’re trying to change themselves by using their conscious mind. The conscious mind is the goal setter, but the unconscious is the goal GETTER.  Your mind works in pictures, and I’ll show you how to reprogram the filling cabinet that your mind is. You’ll learn how to make huge shifts in yourself by changing how you control your feelings and your level of emotional frequency so that you can then use those techniques on others. This will allow you to become a leader in your field and truly stand out in your industry. You’ll easily achieve your goals and empower & support others in achieving theirs. You’ll be able to use these whether you’re a coach, in a leadership role, a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and supportive family member.


Q: Is this only for New Coaches? What about advanced coaches?

A:  If you want to improve at any level of your coaching business, this program is for you. When I got started in NLP, I had already been coaching, but I was constantly facing mindset challenges with my clients (and myself really). I knew I had to go deeper to support my clients the best I can and be able to use concrete techniques and get more permanent results. That’s how I knew NLP was exactly what I needed. If you’re a new coach, get ready to skyrocket your business with tools that will make you stand out from the crowd and advice from coaches from all over the world who are here to support you, guide you, and gain clarity on exactly where you want to go in your business direction and life.


Q: Do You Offer A Payment Plan?

A: Absolutely. My #1 commitment is bringing the education and tools you need to be successful to you in an affordable way. Head to the bottom of the page to check out with our payment plan.
More questions? Send me a message at [email protected] and we will get back to you A.S.A.P x

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