Your Very First Step as an New Coach

It's time to announce it to the world. Take that first step, put yourself out there with my proven method that gets you positioned the right away as an authentic stand out coach online.

From Mimi Boyer, founder of Happy on Mondays

Yep! I want this Now!

I supported Hundreds of new coaches building their business from scratch after going from unfulfilled corporate employee to full-time coach and hitting 200K in my first year in business. And I'm freaking excited to help YOU do the same!

☀️ If you’re stuck trying to figure out what is the very first step you must take to build your business

☀️ Or you’ve started working on your website but you’re not quite sure if this is the right direction to take.

☀️ You tried posting inspirational posts online but haven’t been able to stick with it and put yourself out there to get clients, I totally understand!

☀️If you’re tired of being a content consumer and fed up with not knowing how to come out as an authentic coach online and announce it to the world *finally*, you’re not alone.


You want to be able to show up confidently online without all the stress, you want more clients and less overwhelm!

So that’s why I’ve put together this Guide, so you can finally start putting yourself out there authentically & get new clients for your brand new coaching business!

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This is Ruta. Ruta joined us after months of trying to figure out how to build the business around her passion of helping people tap into their fullest potential. 

She didn't know how to start and was missing the step-by-step. She wanted to know how to reach the right people, how to serve them through content before working with them and how to have conversations with them to convert them into clients.

She also wanted to learn how to be confident as a coach, before having worked with many clients.

As soon as she joined, she learned all of these steps and stepped into the identity of a Successful Coach. She signed her first client within 10 days of joining and feels so much more authentic.

She went on and signed 4 clients in the first month, raised her prices twice and 10X her investment within 2 months.

Hey! I'm Mimi 👋🏻, a Mindset & Business Coach helping new coaches go all-in & replace their full-time income. 

After helping dozens of clients achieve results like:

☀️ In under 2 months, a client Quit his job and jumped full-time in his brand new coaching business, replacing his 6-figure corporate income. 

☀️ Going from 0 paying clients to feeling confident charging $2,000 and signing 4 clients in less than 2 months.

☀️ Triple their group coaching prices and sell out on their launch.

I'm here to help you live out of your purpose so that you can be Happy on Mondays. And this begins with this Income Tracker to Plan your Transition full-time.