I'm Ready to GET PAID!

Is this you? ⚡️ And should you keep reading?

This challenge is for you is you're a brand new coach, an aspiring coach or a coach that wants to attract paying clients in the next 30 days.

If you could learn the exact way to start getting paid for your coaching services while feeling confident charging in the next 30 days as dozens of clients have done before, would you finally go for it!?

Here's why anything else than HELL YESS is costing you:

Every day that passes you're continuously drained by scrolling your feed, doing another inspirational post that's not actually getting you closer to signing clients.

People just like you, are starting their online coaching business, capitalizing on their skills and growing a purpose-led revenue stream.  

Question is: What are you waiting for?


This is what the Get Paid Challenge helped so many coaches accomplish.

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What does being a successful coach mean?

For everyone it’s different…

The 3 type of clients we have in this challenge are:

The Corporate Coach: They've been in a job for yeaaars that they dread, and the only thought that lights them up is becoming a full-time coach. 

The Experienced Coach:  They've been coaching with lots of practice clients, friends or pay-per-hour clients. They are looking for a way to grow their impact and work with more clients paying for packages.

The Intuitive Coach: They have a natural gift for coaching and know they need to give in a try and experience what it's like to get paid to coach someone. They don't have a certification and want to validate first before investing years and money.


Each one of these coaches, that went through the Get Paid Challenge, have been getting epic results.


Before we share our goal for this ‘Get Paid Challenge’ for YOU, let us ask you a few questions…


Do you want to take on clients who actually pay for your coaching, but have NO IDEA where to start?


Are you a generally successful person in life, but for some reason, you’re feeling overwhelmed with this?


Are you convinced you can help people through coaching but aren’t quite sure which steps to take to enroll them as clients?


Is this a good timing to sign from 1 to 5 new paying CLIENTS in the NEXT 30 DAYS?


If you said YES to ANY of the above, then we invite you to join the Get Paid Challenge and increase your impact and client roster as a Coach.



This is Ruta. Ruta joined the Get Paid Challenge after months of trying to figure out how to build the business around her passion of helping people tap into their fullest potential. 

She didn't know how to start and was missing the step-by-step to make it work for her. She wanted to know how to reach the right people, how to serve them through content before working with them and how to have conversations with them to convert them into clients.

She also wanted to learn how to be confident as a coach, before having worked with many clients.

As soon as she started the Get Paid Challenge, she learned all of these steps and stepped into the identity of a Successful Coach. She now feels so much confidence within herself, she has powerful conversations with potential clients, she signed her first client within 10 days of joining and feels so much more authentic.

After she recorded this video, she went on and signed 4 clients, raised her prices twice and 10X her investment within 2 months.


So, Here Is How The Challenge Works…

The challenge costs $777 to join instead of $1,500. This covers the step-by-step training, frameworks, cheat sheets and accredited coaching tools you will need during the challenge that dozens have used before (more info on this below).


With the Get Paid Challenge, we could easily charge $1,500 for the full 30 day challenge…


Maybe even $2,000, but…


All You Pay Today Is $777! 


Now time to Introduce the...

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The Good news is...

Getting paid for your coaching services is now closer than ever. If you're reading this you already know that stepping into the identity of a Paid Coach and getting a clear strategic plan is critical to your success! But, maybe you didn't know that by mastering the Get Paid principles we're about to share with you, you'll also have the power to:

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Feel freaking awesome

Knowing your work is truly needed, and that people value it enough to pay for it.

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Have a simple way to get paid

Ditching the overwhelm, knowing exactly what to do daily to get paying clients.

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Prove to yourself you can actually do it

Be proud seeing that first sign that you're absolutely meant to call yourself a Paid Coach

You probably read those 3 and thought: "Hmmm this sounds really good, but how do I know I'm actually going to create those results and prove to myself that I can do this? I invested before and haven't been able to achieve this."


We totally get it. A lot of our clients had the same thoughts and didn't know if they could fully believe in themselves to not only do the work, but also see the results.

From all our clients who went through the Challenge, we've had every single clients of ours get results, no matter what, whether it's new clients signed, massive engagement on social media, a complete mindset shift or a sense of certainty that they will make it as an online coach. 

You will leave this Challenge feeling transformed with tools that you'll be grateful you have for lifetime

Let's hear what Harleny has to say about it:

Let's also hear what Agnes has to say about it too, while we're on the topic of transformation:

The Value Breakdown

This is a Value Packed 30-DAY Challenge with everything you need to get your first paying coaching clients from the comfort of your home.

If you've been in analysis paralysis in the past, stuck in the Daydreaming phase, it's about to change with this clear path to success and this incredible community to uplift you along the way.





The knowledge we share with you in this challenge has been the result of:

20+ years in sales in the corporate world, 2 X multiple 6-figure Business owners in their first year as entrepreneurs, both Master Degrees and lots of life experience that you just cannot simply find by googling online.

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(Total investment = *FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY* no brainer at $777 instead of $1,500)


Hey you 👋🏻 Pat & I have a message for you:

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Meet Pat Lavergne

 Your Business & Sales Coach

With over 5,000 sales calls 😱under his belt, 20-year career in Sales, and $200,000 revenue in his first year 🤑 as an entrepreneur, Pat brings a genuine (AKA non-salesy) and intuitive approach to Sales.

He's the perfect coach to help you have a clear game plan that gets RESULTS. He's known as the go-to to help people get to 10K months. 

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Meet Mimi Boyer

 Your Mindset & Branding Coach

As a Master Life & Success Coach, a NLP Trainer, a Master degree in Marketing, a past career in Sales, and $200,000 revenue in her first year 🤑 as a full-time coach, Mimi brings her magnetic energy to help people step into their new identity as a Paid Coach.

She's your mindset coach that helps you reprogram your mind for success to get the results you truly deserve while encouraging you with dance parties along the way 🎉.

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Blending our expertise to create the most EPIC challenge out there.

From getting a solid Business Strategic plan to reprogramming your Mind for Success, you'll be equipped with everything you need to Get Paid by your first coaching clients.

We believe it's by having the right balance between DOING and BEING that you'll get the best results.

DOING: Massive Action Taking

BEING: Building your Coach mindset

Watch as the magic unfolds... ✨

Still not sure?

If you've read this far, that means... you haven't taken action yet and are clearly having a challenging time deciding whether this is right for you.

Here are 6 ways to know you are ready to become a Paid Coach...

  1. You're an online coach, or an aspiring online coach and you want to monetize your time and energy into finally getting paid for your services.
  2. You've been feeling "bad" for charging and unsure how to go from free advice to paying clients.
  3. You want to learn how to market your expertise and your passion and prove to yourself (and the world let's be #real) that you can truly be a coach that makes money
  4. You want control over the income coming in, allowing you more freedom. 
  5. You're ready to get out of your own way and forgive yourself for waiting so long before acting. There's no point thinking of what could have been if you did it earlier, and know that there’s no better time than right now to act on it and join us.

  6. You feel confident jumping in to join us now, knowing that you will leave with an epic result by joining the Get Paid Challenge and following a step-by-step action plan.


This isn't for...

You if you aren't willing to put in the effort, you aren't open to change your approach and you're ONLY in the coaching industry to make money.

We love supporting people who truly want to change the world with their coaching.

So, is this a HELL YESS!?

It's time to GET PAID 🎉

Join the Challenge and learn how to get your first paying clients.

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