How to start your coaching business in 5 easy steps

With Mimi Boyer, Coach and Founder,
Happy on Mondays Inc.


  • The 5 simple step to make six-figures as a coach
  • The biggest fears that are making you play small, when you really have everything right now to succeed
  • How to simplify your sales system so you can make more money, in less time
  • The big mistake most coaches are making that is keeping them broke, and stuck in their business
  • The only way to stand out, and attract high ticket clients that are ready to pay anywhere from $2000-$10,000+ to work with you
  • Using social media to sell, in a way that feels like serving


"She helped me release negative emotions so I can move on and get rid of what was preventing me from being successful in my business. I was fearful and she helped me feel completely secure and confident with the direction I wanted to take with my business."

Coach & Founder at Nicole Bloomberg

"I'm so happy I made the decision to work with Mimi and would 100% recommend her to anyone creating a coaching business. I now have a clear, step by step path to follow as I bring my business to life, and a cheerleader by my side as I do it. I feel confident, organized and super inspired. I couldn't ask for anything more."

Founder & Certified Coach at Happy & Wealthy

"She got to the core to all the obstacles getting in my way and asked all the right questions . She has so much knowledge and she has the ability to make you feel so safe and supported. Mimi is going to take you to the next level! Go for it!"

Certified Coach