Mimi: An early riser

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At exactly 5:10 am every weekday morning Mimi Boyer starts her day. 45 minutes of high intensity circuit training is followed by her favourite daily pleasure: breakfast. “There is this excitement about the day ahead” she says in her delicate French-Canadian accent, “Everything is possible. It’s so early, I feel like I can do anything.”

“I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by people.” A large farmers table acts as both a makeshift office and the hub of a busy social life.

Mimi is the founder of Happy on Mondays, a coaching business and bi-monthly workshop she leads along with a revolving panel of speakers that aims to put people on the path towards their own happiness. “I just know if I don’t work out, I’m going to feel bad.” She knows it’s not for everyone; she knows that it’s just for her. And that’s the thing about Mimi and the thing about Happy on Mondays; it’s simply about having the courage to ask what makes you happy, and sheer will to correct course when you get your answer.

She approaches her life like her 5:45 am workouts. “If something didn’t work, well if you really want it you will push, and push and push and push and push. And you will get it right.”

“I’m very close to my feelings. When I’m not happy I make changes very quickly, very effectively. I don’t hang out in a space where I don’t feel like my best self. I quickly pivot.” Like when a lucrative job at a respected beauty brand no longer made her happy, she quit. She focused on her inner-circle, nurtured her relationships and tried to practice appreciating things she might have otherwise ignored. “My happiness is the ability to be self aware, to be able to ask myself the right questions and be able to reflect on how I’m feeling. Happiness can be as simple as, ‘I love my breakfast and I’m really happy when I get my toast and banana and almond butter.’ Happiness in the broader sense is knowing that you’re doing something that makes you shine because you’re using your superpowers. It comes from knowing who you are.” It was in figuring out who she was, in shining the light inside herself that the desire to help others shine their own was born. The pursuit of happiness for others became the vehicle for her own.

“What do you need to live a happy life? It’s all about the people that surround you.”

It’s this ability to demand her own attention and to pivot that has enabled Mimi to give space to the nagging voice she believes we all share, one that asks whether we’re truly getting the most out of our time here. “Everyday I’m questioning if this is what I should be putting into the world, but I know that this is what makes me shine. I didn’t overcome the fear of failure, I overcome it everyday.”

The piece of advice Mimi’s most often finds helpful is to check in with yourself once a month, to actively stop and honestly assess where you are. Have the courage to make decisions – that she acknowledges are often really hard – to prioritize your own happiness. Otherwise, she says, you risk becoming a burden.

“Being able to share my message and be surrounded by positive people is amazing.”

Mimi knows there is more ahead. She knows her happiness lies in continuing to build Happy on Mondays, to pursue it’s growth, to spread her message. And she has doubts. But it’s okay, because she has the strength and mindset to act when the time to pivot comes again.

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