Discover our 5-Step Get Paid Journey to sign your first paying coaching clients

How we went from unfulfilled corporate employees to more than doubling our yearly income, living out of our vibrant city loft as full-time coaches.

With Mimi Boyer, Master Life & Success Coach and Pat Lavergne Business & Sales Coach

What you'll learn:

How to get your first paying coaching clients, without hustling or having to build a huge audience.

  • Secret #1: Our proven Get Paid Journey: How we went from no clients to  consistent flow of new clients

  • Secret #2: Our #1 Confidence Hack: How to tap into your subconscious mind to unleash your true power as a coach and stand out.

  • Secret #3: Audience Monetization: How to get your small audience to become raving fans and enroll in your coaching program

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Who is this for:

  • Coaches that are scrolling their feed, doing another inspirational post that's not actually getting them closer to signing clients that are ready to get clarity.
  • People who have been in corporate for yeaaaaars and are excited about becoming full-time coaches, but don't know where to start.
  • For coaches with natural skills, that want to turn their love for helping people into a business.

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