Mimi sees beauty and power in every individual. She’s educating and energizing people who want to create a happy life and thrive in their careers by truly reaching their full potential.

Speaking. Workshops. Content. Coaching.


Founder and Happiness Coach Mimi is driven to motivate others through speaking and sharing her story globally. She has been a keynote speaker both in French-speaking cities and English.

Her passion is for the following subjects:


Happiness in life and at work


The power of mindset to achieve success and happiness


True potential of human beings


The magic behind honing your superpowers


Want to know how to bring more happiness to your employees' life? Mimi uses her experience in sales in the corporate world and her experience as Head of People and Culture for a tech startup to coach and run workshops for founders, employees and entrepreneurs.

She really likes the topics below:

The concept of happiness equation

The power of uncovering your superpowers

How to hire as a startup founder

How to use social media strategies to showcase your employer branding and attract top talent

The end of the 9 to 5 lifestyle and how to embrace it


As a true Happiness enthusiast, Mimi uses her content to empower her tribe to choose happiness. If you want to partner in content that creates conversation and lights people up, whether that’s through content collaboration or brand partnership to get in front of her audience, chat with Mimi.


Mimi helps hundreds of employees and business leaders to release what’s holding them back and step into their power through leveraging their superpowers. She believes that passion is what drives people to become the best version of themselves.

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