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5 meetups, over 500 attendees, a team of 10+ volunteers, 14 incredible speakers, breakfast goodies, meditation sessions & lots of coffee!

The meetups were created to get you inspired on Monday mornings to ignite your inner fire and start living the life you dream about.

After inspiring hundreds of Torontonians, I decided to go global and inspire thousands of 9-5ers seeking insights to get into action and change their reality by building a side hustle!

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Palak Loizides

Founder of Embiria

Stephen Shedletzky

Head of Brand Voice, Igniter; Simon Sinek’s team; Start With Why

Julie Whish

Culture Specialist at Überflip; Happiness enthusiast; Blog- HeyJules

Chanèle McFarlane

Founder of Do Well Dress Well

Brandi Leifso

CEO & Founder of Evio Beauty Group

Oliver Manalese

Leadership Performance Coach

Rachel Kelly

Founder of Make Lemonade

Alyssa Bertram

Founder of Easy Period

Avery Francis

Award-winning HR + Talent Leader

Amanda DiPasquale

Founder of BTNH

Sarah Beatty

Founder of 9 to Thrive

Bianca Sparacino

Creative Director at Thought Catalog

Jacqueline Leung

Founder of Pressed News

Lori Smith

Community Manager at OneEleven

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