A 6-part online course for passionate & driven coaches, consultants & service-providers who are ready to

build real connections, generate quality leads, sign more

high-ticket clients & scale to six-figures

using the power of LinkedIn.

You're right. 
It is over-saturated.


With only about 3% of your content being shown to your audience on the major platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube... 


Where you essentially have to "pay to play" to become known, liked, trusted and paid for your services...


It's becoming more difficult than ever for passionate, driven coaches like you to finally have the visibility, impact and income that you deserve.


>> Wouldn't it be nice if there was a platform where the algorithm is working in your favour, easily showing your content to the people that need to hear about you the most? 


>> Do you want to carve out your own space in the online world and create  binge-worthy content on a platform that's booming with organic engagement and followers?


>> Are you ready to finally get seen, trusted and paid like the expert you know you are, even if you're starting from scratch with no audience?


You have an amazing service that changes lives.


You have stories, ideas, and a message that will connect with the people you're here to serve with your business.


Imagine if you could attract a booked-out calendar of quality, ideal clients every single day using LinkedIn - while being authentically yourself, and nothing more?


What if you could build a loyal, engaged tribe on LinkedIn of people who are ready to buy your services, and become raving fans of your brand?


Because you can.


I've been consistently booked out with clients & students for the past year, all thanks to my digital content and presence on LinkedIn.


But it wasn’t always like that..


When I first started using LinkedIn, I thought I had to wear a collared shirt and suit in my profile picture, only use polite business speak in my content, and put out this energy of “professionalism”


It felt like I had to hide the bubbly, outgoing and crazy-awesome personality that I have (just like how I felt when I was still in corporate).


Everything changed when I began sharing my own stories, ideas, and message - without sacrificing who I am, my values or my personality in the process.


Because of it, I've been able to build powerful, authentic relationships with potential clients easily & effortlessly.


In fact, over 80% of the $100k+ income I’ve generated in the last six months has come directly from the organic marketing strategy I use on LinkedIn.


And I've supported so many of my clients & students in doing this too.


By diving deep into how to create client-attracting content, and the best strategies for growing and converting your audience, I've helped them to find the clarity, confidence, and structure they need to generate consistent leads & sales on LinkedIn day in and day out (without banging your head against the wall wondering what to talk about) - so you can finally take your coaching business full-time and beyond in 2020.


And that's exactly what Thrive on LinkedIn is here to help you do, too.

"Within two weeks of implementing the suggestions and advice available in the course, I was able to generate a 3x return-on-investment! I'm super thrilled with the results. What I loved most about the course was it answered my main concerns of what to post, how to structure them, and how to get leads from my posts!"



Perfect your profile to reflect the amazing work you do in the world. Get clear & confident in your messaging so that you can speak directly to ideal clients.


Create a tribe of raving fans that love consuming your content. Start receiving messages from people wanting to work with you, easily and effortlessly.


Learn to connect & engage with potential clients, receive love & high engagement on your posts & continuously generate leads & clients.


Get the exact strategy I used to achieve $40K in 40 days, a special formula for converting spectators into discovery calls. Plus, you'll learn the smooth way to offer a discovery call through DMs, with proven scripts & templates to send personalized messages to dream clients that convert so that you can fill your calendar with discovery calls.


Ready to become a thought leader on LinkedIn? I'll show you how to hit 10k+ targeted followers while growing the number of people seeing & engaging with your content every day through a simple method. Plus, learn how to start receiving multiple connection requests per day from your ideal clients - so that you always have fresh leads.


I'll show you exactly what I do every day for just 60 minutes to grow my client base on LinkedIn - with no overwhelm. You'll love this clear action plan that you can start implementing today which includes the exact steps that brought me to hit $40K in 40 days on LinkedIn (over 80% of my $100k income from the past 6 months is from this strategy)


You're not getting just one powerful course on how to Thrive on LinkedIn.. but TWO! You'll get direct access to my First 30 Days on LinkedIn Content Course so you know exactly what to post for your first 30 days on the platform (so you can ditch the overwhelm, and just execute with fun & RESULTS!

"I've been tip-toeing around LinkedIn for a few weeks but had yet to dive right in because I wasn't sure how to do it strategically - now I do! Thanks Mimi! This was the bomb!"


"This was filled with amazing nuggets of LinkedIn wisdom - I'm so excited to implement all of these tools and tips and drastically up-level my LinkedIn game"


"Mimi! You blew my mind in 45 minutes and now I don't want to go to sleep because I want to step up my game. I can't wait to see what LinkedIn can do for my business!"


"You've completely 360'd my thoughts on LinkedIn! So fired up. People have been telling me to go on LinkedIn for ages and I haven't listened.. until now. Thank you!"


It's time to build authentic & magnetic influence, impact and income.

Generate quality leads, sign high-ticket clients & scale to six-figures. With this proven method, it's easy & effortless to thrive on LinkedIn.


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